9 steps for next level wedding websites

Prezola has teamed up with gettingmarried.co.uk so you can fully integrate your wedding gift list into a wedding website. It’s now super easy for guests to find your gift list and buy from on your website (plus it’s completely free!). Here are 9 ways your can make your wedding website even better.

1) Add interactive polls

Why make so many decisions about your wedding? Give it to your friends and family and ask for their opinion on the type of music your band should play and the food they'd love to eat. You can even make it fun by asking who everyone thinks will cry first or what song they’d like to hear on the dancefloor!

2) Add wedding profiles

It may seem a little odd to create a profile for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Not only does this give the chance for guests to know a little more about each person and why you chose them to be in your party, but it also provides icebreakers for the wedding.

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3) Save money

Invites, envelopes, stamps, RSVP cards – it can all soon add up in cost, not ideal when you’re trying to plan a wedding on a budget. Save yourself time and hassle with finding postal addresses by adding all of the information on the website.

4) Get creative with the theme

Isn’t it nice when everything comes together? Match your website to your wedding colours and create a complementary environment for all your wedding info!

5) Go eco

You’re essentially inviting around 100 people to all travel to the same place, so why not add a lift sharing section on your website? Drivers can offer up spare seats in their cars and not only does it save money and the environment, but it’s super sociable too!

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6) Add RSVPs

The postal system can be dodgy at the best of times, save a stamp and get guests to RSVP via your website. You’ll get notifications when there’s a response and you can easily nudge people who haven’t replied.

7) Make it private

Avoid embarrassment with evening guests and add passwords to areas of the site that don’t apply to other people. You wouldn’t want to flaunt your amazing food, venue and entertainment to the wrong people so it’s best to only give access to the things they need.

8) Add a table plan

Give people a heads up to who they’re sitting next to by adding the table plan on your site. Not only does it allow guests to know where their seat is but they can also do some Facebook-stalking on their table neighbours and find out more about them for conversation topics.

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9) Integrate your gift list, of course!

Well, you’ve got everything else on your website, you might as well integrate your Prezola gift list so guests can buy a gift without even leaving the site! Make it super easy for them and they’ll really appreciate it – plus it looks pretty impressive to have so much information in one place. #likeaboss

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