Bathroom decor: the ultimate guide

If you’re building your wedding gift list, don't overlook the potential of your bathroom decor! This blog is jam packed with bathroom decor ideas to make your bathroom that bit more luxe, while ensuring your space is stylish and functional of course.

Bathroom design has come a long way in recent years, it’s no longer just a practical space to get clean! It’s your powder room, your very own at-home mini spa and sometimes even a utility space. So, make your bathroom work for you with our bathroom decor guide.

Bathroom decor ideas: plush towels

Looking for how to dress a bathroom? Well, elevate your bathroom’s vibe with high-quality towels that match your aesthetic. Keep it neutral with The White Company or go bold with Christy. Either way, ditch those crispy, mismatched threadbare towels and you’ll thank yourself post shower. Oh, and don’t forget the bathmat too!

Creating ambiance with bathroom decor: mood-setting candles and spa-like scents

Looking for bathroom accessories ideas? Well, nothing elevates a long soak in the tub like a scented candle. Look no further than Neom Organics London. Simply choose from their epic range of scents to suit your mood, light and relax. Not only do candles look good in your bathroom, they do good. It’s a win-win from us!

While we’re talking about scents, don’t forget diffusers. Whether you opt for a reed or electronic diffuser, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure you opt for a wireless diffuser like the rechargeable Wellbeing Pod Mini if you’re using it in the bathroom.


Bathroom storage and organisation: stylish solutions

Declutter effortlessly with chic storage baskets and wall shelves. Don’t let your bathroom aesthetic suffer from unattractive and impractical storage, take a look at our seriously impressive range of bathroom storage. From Skandi masters like Wireworks to the more rustic options from Nkuku, we’ve got it all. If you prefer a more rustic aesthetic, consider popping up a floating shelf to store some of your more attractive bathroom accessories.

Ultimate cosiness: matching robes

Enjoy cosy newly-wed mornings in matching bathrobes – a must-have bathroom decor idea for couples. Here, we’re not just looking at how to decorate a bathroom… it’s also about treats for you!

Make your small bathroom look bigger: mirrors

A question commonly asked is ‘how can I make my small bathroom more attractive?’. Well, we’ve got you. Not exclusively for small bathrooms, mirrors are a perfect choice. A must-have (not just for small bathrooms), and they make your space feel so much bigger! Choose from simple and clean designs, or go a little more adventurous with colour and shape.

Bathroom decor Ideas: go green

If you’ve ever asked ‘what can you put in an empty bathroom corner?’ we’ve got the answer; plants! Choose ones that thrive in bathroom humidity, and you’re on to a winner. Check out Patch Plants who have an epic collection of houseplants, with plants suitable for beginners all the way up to the truly green-fingered. If you’re not blessed with natural light in your bathroom (many new build properties aren’t) then consider a faux option.

Accessories ideas for your bathroom: Sleek accessories

Elevate your bathroom's look with matching toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. From amber bathroom accessories to clean white and industrial black, we’ve got your back. Oh, and if you’re one who loves a soak in the bath, a bath caddy is NOT to be missed! These simple wedding gifts are used on the daily, so make sure they spark a little bit of joy each time.

Don’t forget the walls: wall art

So, whether you’ve got subway tiles, pattern wallpaper or simple white tiles every bathroom benefits from a little bit of wall art. Check out East End Prints for super bright pieces to wake you up in the morning. While you’re at it, why not consider a gallery wall? Top tip- pop some masking tape around the back of your frames to help keep moisture away from your prints. Oh, and if you’re looking for a quick update to your bathroom, take a look at peel and stick wallpaper when you’re not ready to commit just yet!


So, there you have it. How to dress a bathroom using your wedding gift list. You’re welcome, happy soaking lovebirds.

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