Save the planet with your gift list

Become an eco warrior in your home and get drastic against plastic.

Being aware of our impact on the environment is becoming more and more important in modern society. It's time to not only reduce your plastic use in your day-to-day consumption but now also in your home.

Check out our top tips to become more sustainable by introducing eco-friendly yet stylish pieces. Also discover the most popular sustainable brands and gifts from our massive eco-friendly portfolio so you can start building the eco list of dreams.

Swap plastic for glass

Most of our household produce from stores and supermarkets come wrapped in several layers of plastic packaging. Glass storage jars will help you take a huge leap towards sustainability whilst maintaining a stylish and aesthetic design in your room.

These Kinto dressing bottles are delicately simple and uniquely beautiful tableware. Glass is reusable and sustainable, so seek out a delicious dressing recipe, ditch the dressings in the plastic bottles, and store yours in one of these.

SoL coffee cups and water bottles will also help you to reduce your waste on the go, their plastic-free products are all hand-blown. Their mission is to end single-use plastics, as well as decrease the need for plastic production all together. Sip your coffee in eco-style!

Add character with reclaimed furniture

Looking to add new pieces of furniture to complete your perfect wedding gift list? MöA Design gives you the perfect opportunity to keep your house sustainable yet fashionable with their beautiful creations. Each piece of furniture is crafted from wood and metal that has served its original purpose, but has been given a second life and re-crafted into bespoke pieces.

Making sustainable attainable

If you can't escape the purchase of goods wrapped in plastic then make sure you're hot on your heels with recycling! The addition of a chic and stylish recycling bin can be a great addition to your kitchen whilst acting as a stark reminder to recycle your plastic. Some of our favourites are from Oxo, Simplehuman and Brabantia.

We suggest Nest

Save energy with the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. Not only does it feature a stylish and slender design, but you can control the temperature of your home using your phone when out and about.

After just one week's use, the Nest thermostat learns your preferences and not only adjusts the heating in the way you like, but goes into Eco mode when it senses you leave the house. So clever!

Create your dream eco gift list now

Are you ready to kit out your marital home with eco-friendly gifts? Our wide range of sustainable products means every room is covered, but to get your list started we have selected our top picks. Add them all with the 'list all' button below or pick out your favourites.