Best bride entrance songs: 33 aisle songs for every type of bride

Every bride wants that picture-perfect walking down the aisle moment. The dream dress, the flawless hair and makeup and the perfect bride entrance song to send you on your way. But choosing songs to walk down the aisle to isn’t always an easy task.

Do you want to make a big statement, or stick to something classic?

Traditional or modern?

Upbeat or sentimental?

Live musicians or the OG version on speakers?

There’s so much to consider!

Being the UK’s favourite wedding gift list and honeymoon fund, at Prezola we get to spend a lot of time chatting to engaged couples. And if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that every bride is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to wedding planning.

With that in mind, we’ve asked around the office and come up with 33 of our best suggestions for bride entrance songs, with options for every type of bride.

But first, we answer a few questions about wedding ceremony songs and bride entrance songs.

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How long should a bride's entrance song be?

This really depends.

3 minutes should usually be more than enough, but it’s a good idea to do a test run (WALK – try not to rush this!) at your venue to see how long it will take you to get from A to B.

This could be as simple as walking from the back of a church to the front. Or, depending on your venue, you may have a more complicated route - stairs, corners, uneven terrain if you’re outside… that kind of thing.

Take your time – you only get to do this once. And don’t forget to factor in anyone else who may be walking ahead of you.

Will the whole bridal party be processing in?

If so, will you have a separate song for them? And don’t forget, you can let your music play for a little bit before you start walking to build anticipation. We are all about that drama!

How do you pick a wedding entrance song?

This bit is so individual to you. Maybe it’s a song that means something special to you and your fiancé. Maybe it’s the one that sets the mood you’re looking for your big entrance. Or maybe you’re just looking for a bloody beautiful piece of music for walking down the aisle.

There is one rule to bear in mind: if you’re having a civil ceremony, you will have to avoid any kind of religious music – so hymns are out. But most other things are fair game!

Whatever it is that you’re after, check out our list of the top 33 best bride entrance songs to get a few ideas!

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Romantic bride entrance songs

1. Make you feel my love – Adele

If there’s one lady you can always count on to hit you right in the feels… it’s got to be Adele. And this is one of the most emotional songs to walk down the aisle to that we can think of.

2. A thousand years – Christina Perri

Fess up – were you team Edward or team Jacob? Whatever your feelings about the Twilight saga and sexy vampires that glitter in the sun, you can’t help but be seduced by this devastatingly beautiful song that was originally written for the films. These days it’s one of the most popular modern bride entrance songs around.

3. Kissing you – Des’ree

From sparkly vampires to star-crossed lovers (and a young Leo di Caprio dressed up as a knight in shining armour). Yep, this was the love theme from Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet. It’s the ultimate romantic tear-jerker and the slow pace is perfect for walking down the aisle.

4. Godspeed – James Blake

Now, we’re not saying that James Blake is a wizard… but also, we’re not NOT saying it. There’s some kind of magical connection between his piano keys and our heartstrings that we can’t quite explain. Stripped back and hauntingly beautiful, if you’re aiming for tears, then you’re onto a winner here. This is 100% one of the most romantic songs to walk down the aisle to.

5. Songbird – Fleetwood Mac

Dreamy, romantic and full of soul, this beautiful song is quite simply, a masterpiece. Just imagine walking down the aisle, into the arms of your love to the lyrics ‘I love you, I love you, I love you like never before.’

6. She – Elvis Costello

If John Hughes was directing your wedding, you can bet he’d pick a song like this one for your big bridal entrance moment. It’s unabashedly sentimental, and all about you. It gives strong Notting Hill vibes, and we are here for it.

7. Your song - Elton John

It’s a little bit funny, but also super romantic. This EJ classic is light hearted and would be a total winner. When that piano intro kicks in, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

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Upbeat bride entrance songs

8. Lovely day – Bill Withers

We dare you to listen to that groovy opening riff without a great big grin on your face. We’ve tried. It’s impossible. And those lyrics are pretty darn perfect too… ‘just one look at you, and I know it’s gonna be a lovely day’… I mean, come on!

9. I’m yours – Jason Mraz

We love this one for a relaxed, beach ceremony in the sun – it’s got such a chill summer vibe. We think it’s perfect for a boho bride, walking barefoot down the aisle in the sand. Dreamy.

10. Here comes the sun – The Beatles

This aisle song gives us a proper case of the warm and fuzzies. It’s pure and lovely and optimistic, and it’s The Beatles! What more could you want? Guaranteed happy tears all round.

P.S. If you’re big Beatles fans, we highly recommend adding a trip to The Beatles Story & Exhibition to your wedding gift list!

11. At last – Etta James

Serene, voluptuous and unapologetically sexy, if you’re looking for the perfect bride entrance music to debut your fitted fishtail wedding gown, you can’t go wrong with Etta James.

12. XO – Beyonce

Trust Queen Bey to gift us with this perfect pop anthem aisle song. It feels euphoric. Like being alive and in love and making the most of it all. We just love this one.

13. Marry you – Bruno Mars

It has wedding bells in the background! This is the ultimate feel-good tune, guaranteed to get everyone geared up for a good time. If you’re the type of bride who doesn’t take herself too seriously, this is a great choice.

14. My girl – The Temptations

This golden oldie is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that works for every generation. We love it as a song to walk down the aisle to, especially if your dad’s giving you away. It’s perfect for that bittersweet symbolic moment when he hands you over to your fiancé.

Traditional classical bride entrance songs

15. Wedding march – Wagner

If you find yourself asking, what is the wedding song when the bride enters?

You know the one… the ‘here comes the bride’ song. Then this is probably the one you’re talking about. It’s the wedding march from Wagner’s opera Lohengrin.

It’s iconic, utterly gorgeous and instantly recognisable – a solid choice. And hey, if it’s good enough for Meghan and Harry.

16. Canon in D – Pachelbel

Another classic piece of wedding processional music, Pachelbel’s Canon in D starts soft and low, then builds up the layers into an elegantly soaring crescendo. If you’re dreaming of a string quartet, this is a perfect choice.

17. Ave Maria – Schubert

If you’re having a church ceremony, this one is a lovely choice. Stash your soprano soloist in the church’s balcony (don’t worry, she’ll get over not being the centre of attention) and it will sound like an angel is serenading you down the aisle. Simply heavenly.

18. Trumpet voluntary – Clarke

Feel like a queen as you walk down the aisle to this stately bridal entrance song. It’s grand, regal and guaranteed to make your guests sit up and pay attention!

19. The flower duet – Delibes

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of music to walk down the aisle to, you can’t do much better than the flower duet by Delibes. Ideal if you’re going big on florals, it’s got a feminine, romantic feel that’s perfect to send you floating towards your love.

20. Clair de Lune - Debussy

Songs to walk down the aisle to don’t come much more beautiful than Clair de Lune by Debussy. Soft and sentimental, it’s the ultimate romantic piece for the piano.

Alternative bride entrance songs

21. One day like this – Elbow

When it comes to the best bride entrance songs, Elbow understood the assignment. This one feels cool, calm and collected, yet instantly uplifting. Pro tip: it works beautifully live with a string quartet!

22. Sweet disposition – Temper Trap

For a cool, indie vibe, how about Temper trap? It’s a little bit off the beaten track, so you can be confident that your guests won’t have heard it used as a wedding aisle song before. It’s also a stone-cold banger, so it’s a yes from us.

23. The one – Kodaline

Another slightly off-beat indie love song, this one’s perfect if you’re an alternative bride looking for something a bit different to walk down the aisle to.

24. Starlings – Elbow

Starlings has a beautiful, serene opening that works perfectly for walking down the aisle. Approach with caution though - it’s also got a few big blasting moments on the brass, to make sure everyone’s awake and paying attention!

25. Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding

The ultimate pop power ballad from the one and only, Ellie Goulding. This has an epic feel about it – like walking on air. Perfect for a bride entrance song!

26. A whiter shade of pale – Procol Harum

Released in the Summer of Love in 1967 and every bit as magical today, this is one of those pieces of music that just… does things to people. We don’t know how or why. It’s just special.

Pro tip: we recommend the instrumental version as a walking-down-the-aisle song (the lyrics can be a bit weird).

27. There she goes – The La’s

If you’re looking for bridal entry songs with a cool Brit-pop vibe, we love this one. It’s light and airy and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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Rock bride entrance songs

28. Marry me – Train

‘Forever can never be long enough for me, to feel like I’ve had long enough with you.’

The most perfect opening lyrics.

If Marry Me by Train is not one of the best wedding songs to walk down the aisle to that you’ve ever heard in your life, we’ll eat our favourite wedding fascinator.

29. Love reign o’er me – The Who

This song has one of the most beautiful, powerful intros we’ve ever heard. Perfect for building up the anticipation for your big entrance. And the lyrics work beautifully too.

If you’re after more of a 90’s era grunge sound, Pearl Jam did a stunning cover of it – it’s a strong recommend from us!

30. Nothing else matters – Metallica

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Metallica? Really? But hear us out. This is actually a really beautiful, emotionally-charged rock ballad.

The lyrics are kind of an ‘us against the world’ vibe.

And if you’re worried about giving your granny a shock, don’t be. The whole opening is acoustic, the heavier sounds don’t kick in till around the 2-minute mark.

31. Wild horses – The Rolling Stones

What could be more rock and roll than walking down the aisle to the Rolling Stones? And this one is hands down the most romantic song the Stones ever released – rock and roll AND romantic. Sounds like you’re onto a winner.

32. Thank you – Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin may not be known for their love songs, but this one is simply beautiful. Uplifting and full of hope – we just love this lyric: ‘If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When the mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me.’

33. Wild thing – The Troggs

Ok, so it’s gonna take a special kind of bride to pull this one off as a bride entrance song. But we know you’re out there somewhere – you groovy chick, you.

This is for the kind of bride who plans to dance down the aisle. Barefoot. With flowers in her hair. Do your thing wild lady – we think you’re awesome!

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And that’s your lot - 33 beautiful, shiny bride entrance songs for your BIG moment, on your BIG day! Fancy listening to them to get a feel? Well, we’ve got you - check out our Spotify playlist.

What do you think? Did we miss any? If you liked these, check out our Wedding Music 101: your guide from wedding ceremony to wedding reception. And while you’re in wedding planning mode, start your Prezola wedding gift list today!

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