Top gifts for apartment living

Apartment living certainly has its perks and with chic urban pads becoming increasingly popular, so is space-saving interior design. Having a home that’s stylish and reflects you as a couple is of course important, but it also needs to be functional for your everyday life. We’ve rounded up our top tips for apartment living and the must-have gifts for your wedding list.

Multi-purpose furniture

Space is the biggest challenge you’ll face when it comes to planning your apartment decor. Many flats don’t have the luxury of a spare bedroom or a separate dining room, so choosing furniture that has more than one function is a great way to save space.

Stylish sofas that convert into cosy beds are perfect for when you have the in-laws coming to visit or for when margarita nights turn into a sleepover. Gone are the days where sofa beds were bulky and obviously multifunctional. With models from the likes of Beau Living and they will blend seamlessly with your living room. And on the subject of entertaining, an extending dining table will transform a weekday set up for 2 into a banqueting table for 6.

Another thing to consider with bigger furniture is getting it into your apartment in the first place. Swyft sofas are a great solution to awkward spaces because they design their sofas to fit through any doorway and up any staircase. Clever eh! They also deliver them in boxes light enough to be carried by one person and assembly takes a mere 5 minutes.

Think vertically and create a focal point

When floor space is tight, use the walls to add some statement pieces and personal flair. Artwork can draw the eye upwards, detracting from the space on the ground.

Don’t feel limited to prints, there are a whole host of interesting features you can add from neon lights and animal wall planters to bold clocks and feature wall art. Walls are also a great place to add extra storage. Think floating shelves, stylish wall hooks and even wall baskets. Yes, that really is a thing!

Lighting your apartment

Effective lighting in a room will help to give the illusion of more space. You should aim to have at least 5 light sources around the main living area to replace lack of natural light, one could even be an atmospheric candle. With space being tight, floor lamps with a small base and lots of height are a great option for extending the space upwards. Tala, LightStore and Pooky have some beautiful designs in both floor and table lamps that combine style and function.

Another must-have is a mirror as it will reflect the natural light making spaces feel bigger. Place a large mirror on the wall opposite a window to bring the outside in and flood the room with light.

Smart storage... that stacks

Small kitchens present their own set of storage nightmares. With bulky pots and pans, a million tupperware lids threatening to bury you alive at any moment, and those tins that lurk in the dark depths of the cupboard for years because you can’t see them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The clever folk at brands like Joseph Joseph and Master Class have developed super slick ranges that will revolutionise your kitchen and leave you wanting to open your cupboards just to take a peek at the perfection that is neatly stacked cereals.

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