Boho barn wedding with inspiring message for all couples

Don't we all dream of falling in love with our best friend? Well, Tash and Amy did just that. And to top it off this beautiful pair met whilst working at Prezola! Are we biased if we say we're particularly thrilled for these two?

Their dream of having a picture-perfect barn wedding was finally realised after having to postpone several times. But Tash and Amy offer a very inspiring message for couples everywhere. Have the wedding YOU want. So often we end up compromising, trying to please others and distracting ourselves from the very purpose of the day. To celebrate love! Read ahead to be inspired by their authentic and family-centric day.

How did you two meet?
Amy & I actually met at Prezola! We were working in different departments and began our relationship as friends, but something just clicked between us. And as they say, the rest is history! We honestly couldn't thank Prezola enough for employing us both, otherwise, we'd have never met.

What's your favourite thing to do together?
It might seem boring, but our favourite thing to do is spending wholesome days together, cooking and eating delicious food. Oh, and watching Marvel movies!

Bride getting ready

What was the best thing about your wedding?
Can we say all of it? After postponing no less than four times, we just couldn't wait to spend the day with everyone we love. It felt amazing having all our family and friends there celebrating the day with us - finally!

Bride with bridesmaids first look
Bride putting on shoes on wedding day
Bride getting into dress on wedding day

What's your top tip for other couples planning their wedding?
Have the wedding that YOU want! Whether that's the type of food you eat or the location of your big day, it's about the celebration of your love and people will be there for you no matter what. Also hiccups will happen, it's just the way it goes. I'm a huge control freak but I came to terms with this idea and kept telling myself that things will happen that will be out of our control. And they did. But when talking with our guests after, they would never of known. So, try not to worry too much. It will be a magical day!

Bride walking down aisle with Dad
Bride walking down Aisle with mum
Brides at their wedding ceremony

Tell us about your honeymoon.
After the wedding we went for a long weekend to Dorset. We always go a couple of times a year as it's our fave place to escape 'normal life', and we definitely needed that break after the wedding. We're also heading to Thailand for three weeks at Christmas for our main honeymoon and we honestly can't wait!
What has surprised you most about being married?
How normal it feels. Everyone tells you nothing changes, but we were still expecting it to. Either way, it still feels amazing to be married after waiting so long.

Amy and Tash

Were you always planning to have a gift list?
After working at Prezola for some time we just knew it was the right thing to do. We knew what we wanted to add, and just knew it would be so much easier for our guests if they could come to one place and see that everything we wanted was there.

What's your favourite gift list feature on Prezola?
I guess it's not really a feature, but more the fact you really can add anything your heart desires.

What are your favourite brands on Prezola?, The White Company (it's a classic) and Beau Living.

Amy and Tash
Amy and Tash
Amy and Tash
Tash and Amy
Tash and Amy

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?
It has to be our National Trust Membership. We just love packing up a picnic and exploring new places.

How would you describe your interior style?
Our style has definitely changed over time, and with the wedding now out of the way, we're looking to re-decorate our whole home. Our style is very much modern boho.

Is there a gift you wish you had added to your gift list but didn't?
100% a Le Creuset casserole dish. We really wish we had added something that we could use all the time, but also represented a huge milestone in our lives. We are now saving up to get one.

What gift have you used the most?
Again, our National Trust Membership. We've already used it a couple of times already since getting married in September.

Amy and Tash

Venue: The Great Tythe Barn
Photographer: Leah Lombardi
Videographer: Siddiqui Media
Flowers: Our wonderful friend Ella
Tash's Dress: Pronovias from Perfect Day Bride, Bath
Hair: Abigail Constanza Hair
Make up: Roxie Makeup
Amy's Dress: ASOS
DJ Booth: Gorilla Audio

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