Create the perfect reading nook

Reading is a great way to relax, take some time out for you and get back to basics.

It’s hard to find the time to read these days. Between juggling work, fitness, cleaning and whatever’s tempting you on Netflix, it seems that reading has become either a holiday staple or tool for helping you get to sleep. Why not create a reading nook in your newlywed home so there’s always a place to come to when you want to unwind? Here’s some ideas for everything you need.

Colourful bench

The essentials needed for a reading nook is a bright space full with comfort, light and inspiration. For this look, colour was our main focus with a bright and bold rug, cushions and accessories for the ultimate comfort. Transform yourself to a tropical paradise with plenty of greenery and natural materials. Shop the look below!

Looking for something a bit more sophisticated? Coming straight out of a movie set in Dubai, this look is more masculine with leather and darker accents. Of course the main feature is a large, comfortable chair (this time from Nkuku) we also added a bamboo mirror and darker rug to complement the colours. With that film lamp from Lightstore, you'll feel like a movie star reading the latest scripts. And... Action!

Desert chair

The final look we created is perfect for an eco warrior who loves greenery and decor with natural elements. The rattan chair is all about comfort to sink into with a good book and the oversized gold lamp is great for reading late into the night. Mixing metallics and natural elements is a great way to add luxury and add a modern twist to this 1970s vibe.

Desert chair

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