Discover the craft behind your wedding gifts

Us folk at Prezola believe each and every wedding gift should be special which is why our team handpicks every gift we list on site. But have you ever wondered where the story starts with your gifts and what goes into making them? We’ve put together a very special craft edit that focuses on our smaller artisan brand partners, all of which started with super-talented individuals with a simple passion to make beautiful things.

Their stories really are as wonderful as their products so we’ve rounded up a few brands from the collection. Take a sneak peek at the love and craftsmanship that goes into making the highest quality, beautiful homewares that are going to make your space so perfectly ‘you’.


Monoware is a British tableware brand, designing tabletop essentials that are meticulously crafted to have a place in everyday life. Defined by simple, elegant forms and a natural colour palette, their vision is for timeless design and effortless adaptability: showcasing every meal and blending with individual style. With a constant core collection produced with high-quality materials, Monoware’s tableware range has been specially designed and made to endure and grow with the people that lay them.

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London Terrariums

Born in 2014 out of a passion for gardening without having a garden in London, London Terrariums are miniature ecosystems that act as a great alternative to having your own garden or just simply help bring a piece of the outdoors inside. There are 4 members of the London Terrariums team, all self-taught gardeners, trained mainly in design but with a passion for plants and horticulture. Each terrarium built has a completely unique landscape and makes a beautiful statement piece for any room in your home.

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Forge Creative

A partnership of designer-makers Josh Kennard and Oliver Milne, Forge Creative is all about inspired design, stunning materials (responsibly sourced) and superior hand-crafted products.

Whether it's a dining table or a jewellery box, they love working with people to create something you will cherish. Their small team work personally on every project from their Sussex based workshop, ensuring it is made to the highest quality.

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Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson has been designing, manufacturing and distributing her curious creatures, luxurious lambswool cushions, knitwear and ever-expanding collection of home accessories since 2003. Her designs are made with the finest fabrics in the most vibrant of colours to add big personality to your home through beautiful small details. Donna’s cabin of craft has been relocated from the hen house in Aberdeenshire where it all started to a busy studio in East London that’s filled to the rafters with her curious creations.

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Shida was created based on one simple fact (and a long-standing obsession with hydrangeas); flowers make us happy. Harvested at the peak of their natural beauty, each Shida bloom is perfectly preserved to feel soft and retain their gorgeous, freshly-cut appearance. Natural and long-lasting, these flowers are a great sustainable alternative. Their longevity greatly reduces waste and transportation costs in comparison with imported cut flowers and, unlike fake flowers, preserved flowers are 100% biodegradable.

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Extra & Ordinary is a London based design studio, founded by Hyunhee Hwang with a focus on creating home decor that turns ordinary environments into extraordinary beauty. With over 10 years experience within the design industry, Hwang aims to create innovative, trend-leading, space decoration designs with a product design/innovation approach. From unique vases to display beautiful blooms to perfectly crafted candlestick holders, her pieces will add oodles of character to any dinner table, wall, cabinet or shelf.

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Tom Pigeon

Tom Pigeon is the pen name of designer Kirsty Thomas who creates unique, modern homewares designed to add beauty to blank spaces. The Tom Pigeon studio was founded in 2014 and now works with galleries and design stores around the world. They have collaborated with clients including The Barbican, Tate Modern, The Design Museum, V&A and Team GB as well as creating the Tom Pigeon collection to bring you exceptional quality artwork and homeware for your very own home.

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Tom and Max are the curious learners who got Obby off the ground. When an attempt to find the right butchery class for Tom’s Dad back in 2015 was unsuccessful, the idea for Obby was born.

From there they built London's best in-person and live online classes, courses and workshops with the aim to make learning accessible for everyone nationwide. From pottery and cooking classes to floristry and dance, expand your horizons and learn a new skill.

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