Find The Perfect Glassware For Happy Hour

Pop, fizz, clink! Raise a glass, but which type? Before you choose your glassware, read these top tips to find out what's right for you.

Types of glasses

There are dozens of different shaped glasses for different drinks. Red wine glasses are bigger to let the wine breathe, while flutes are designed to keep champagne bubbly. Stemware also allows to keep your drink cool and unaffected by hand temperature. Balloon glasses are perfect for your favourite gin drink as the glass is wide enough to fit plenty of ice and garnishes inside the glass, which enhance the scents of the gin and keeps your drink cooler for longer! The highball glass is perfect for long cocktail drinks. For an evening night-cap the classic sherry glass is perfect!

Browse our glasses below.
L-R: Red | White | Champagne | Coupe | Martini | Balloon | Highball | Tumbler | Shot | Sherry

Mouth-blown or machine-blown?

Handmade glass will blow you away with its unique characteristics and one-of-a-kind imperfections. LSA has been making handmade glass for over 50 years while machine-blown glasses can be made in large volumes at a high quality like major brand Riedel.

Crystal or glass?

If you love the fancy life, crystal reflects light making it sparkly and more expensive, perfect for wedding heirlooms. It's not actually made from crystal but lead and minerals. Glass is dishwasher safe, more affordable and more durable.

What type of glasses should I add?

It depends on what you're going to use. If you count the hours until gin o'clock, add some balloon glasses. If you're not a fan of bubbly, skip the champagne flutes. Are you a party animal? Add some flamboyant cocktail sets.

Rack it up

There are dozens of wine racks and storage units on Prezola in all shapes and sizes or choose a bar trolley for sophistication and class. They can hold all of your glasses, bottles and bar accessories, ready for parties.

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