Your first 5 years of marriage

You’re planning your wedding (woop!), so surely you’re not thinking about your first, second or even fifth wedding anniversary yet?! But hear us out… we’re all about helping you choose the gifts that you’ll love forever, so while we’re totally here for all things ‘wedding planning’ we’re also on hand to see you through your first few years of marriage, one pasta drying rack at a time.

Join us as we take you through the first five years’ traditional wedding anniversary gifts which you can add to your list now and love long-time.

Anniversary gifts by year

Your first wedding anniversary - Paper

first five years of marriage couple

So, think ahead to your first wedding anniversary- what does your life look like? By this point you’ll have long taken delivery and all your beautiful wedding gifts and will be reminiscing about your (insanely gorgeous) big day. Did you know that traditionally your First Wedding Anniversary is made of paper? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite ‘paper’ gifts you can add to your list now and enjoy on your first anniversary- and every other day of the year, come to think about it.

Your second wedding anniversary - Cotton

couple in bed first five years
couple having breakfast in bed first five years

You’re well and truly settled into married life now and you may well be looking for the perfect anniversary gift to give your spouse. But wait… You had already added some beautiful ‘cotton’ gifts to your wedding gift list, making anniversary gift buying one less thing to do. So, all you’ll need to do is tumble dry those beautiful towels, whiz an iron over the 400 thread count sheets and focus on planning that anniversary date, nice. Here’s our pick of all things beautiful and cotton:

Your third wedding anniversary - Leather

leather magazine holder third year of marriage
five years of marriage bottle holder

You’re three years in, big congrats! The traditional gift for your third anniversary is leather. Shoes and handbags I hear you say? Think again, we’ve got leather handled champagne buckets- for all those parties, and soft leather bound books for the memories, of course.

Your fourth wedding anniversary - Silk & linen

couple on bed looking out to lake first five years of marriage

This anniversary you get a choice… lucky you! If you love a bit of luxury- say hello to silk pillowcases, or if you’re all about the rustic vibes, you can’t go wrong with beautifully textured linen napkins. Looking for something a little out of the box? Course you are, and we’ve got that too:

Your fifth wedding anniversary - Wood

wood bath tray five years of marriage
wood salad servers five years of marriage

Wood? We’ve got it. Signifying the strength and durability of your marriage, we have everything from the traditional to the bold to add to your wedding gift list. Looking to give back? Our Trees for Life charitable donation is one for you.

So, there you have it. Your first five years of anniversary gifts all sewn up. Now all that is left is to say 'I do'. Let the adventure begin!

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