Gift Lists 101: How to edit your list

Our Gift Lists 101 blog posts will teach you everything you need to know to get your gift list up and running. If you're not sure how to edit your list so it looks its best for your guests, read our step-by-step guide to editing your profile pictures, gifts, personal message and more.

Add gifts to your list

Buy It

Start adding gifts to your list by using the departments at the top of the page where you will find 50,000 gifts from over 500 different brands. There's plenty of choice to suit your style from dining and kitchen items, to travelling gifts and charity donations.

With our Premier Plus account, you also have access to cash gifts and honeymoon funds. You can add gifts to your list by using the 'List It' button on your chosen gift.

If you'd like to have multiples of a gift (such as dinner plates or dining chairs), simply adjust the number in the 'Quantity' box.

We recommend you add at least one gift per guest to give plenty of choice. 100 guests = 100 gifts on the list!

TOP TIP: Add a variety of gifts with different price points to cover all budgets for guests.

Remove and edit the gifts on your list

You can easily edit any gift on your list by clicking View My List under My Account at the very top of the page. In the bottom right corner, click the 'Edit List' button and small icons will appear over each gift giving you multiple edit functions:

- The bin icon will delete gifts on your list
- The arrow icon lets you rearrange the order of gifts on your list
- The pencil icon can adjust the gift quantity, edit your personal gift message on each gift, or turn on Group Gifting.

Once you're finished making changes, click ‘View list’ to show how guests will see your gift list.

Edit Gifts
TOP TIP: Rearrange your gifts regularly so the gifts you want most are near the top.

Edit your images, wedding date and personal message


We offer a variety of header images for you to use, but you can add add your own image by clicking View My List under My Account at the very top of the page. In the bottom right corner, click the 'Edit List' button and a small camera icon will appear on the header image and profile picture to make changes.

To edit, show or hide your wedding date were, simply edit this using the pencil icon next to the date.

To the left of your gift list, you can write a personal message for guests to introduce them to your gift list. Edit this section by using the pencil icon next to it.

TOP TIP: If your images appear blurry, it's because they're too small. Choose larger images for a better look.

Open and close your gift list

Once your gift list is ready to share with guests, you'll need to make it visible for them to start purchasing wedding gifts.

To open your gift list, visit Control Panel under My Account. There is a 'List visible/List hidden' toggle in the top right to show or hide your list.

Guests can find your list using your unique list number (if you have shared this with them) or they can search using your names and event date - this option can be turned off via your List Settings if desired.

TOP TIP: The best time to open your gift list is 10-12 weeks before the wedding, along with your invites. This allows guests time to choose the perfect gift!