Wedding gifts that would get the royal stamp of approval

Killer jewels, tea-sets-to-die-for and no less than 500 tins of pineapple. Just some of a whopping 2,500 wedding gifts sent to our Queenie in 1947 celebrating her marriage to Prince Phillip. Now, we reckon it might take you quite a long time (and not to mention some very wealthy friends) to add a few thousand gifts to your Prezola list. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all add a little royal treatment this Platinum Jubilee weekend. We’ve teamed up with the finest brands in all the land to curate the ultimate list of majestic goodies fit for your very own wedding. So which sovereign-worthy gift will make it onto your list?

'Let them eat cake'

Naturally the first place we are starting is with cake. There’s nothing quite as British as the ritual of afternoon tea. Said to be one of Lizzie's most cherished moments of the day, you’ll find her with a cuppa and a scone, enjoying the company of her beloved corgis at 4pm EVERY DAY. Now there’s a tradition we can get on board with. From funky teapots and the cutest cake plates to afternoon tea trips and tea blending workshops, these gifts are certainly fit for royalty.

A royal banquet

The Queen may have received a Royal Worcester dinner and dessert service from the Brigade of Guards for her wedding, but we’ve found swoon-worthy dinnerware sets to rival it. Make a royal statement and turn every lunchtime into a banquet with the table set up of dreams. From quirky crockery and beautiful glassware to bold cutlery and those all-important finishing touches, these upgrades will have you dining like kings and queens.

Bloom all year round

Did you know that the Queen’s favourite flower is lily of the valley? And they are a permanent feature of the floral displays at Buckingham Palace? Flowers brighten any space so it's not hard to see why vases are one of the most popular gifts added to couples' lists. Why not deck out your official residence with beautiful blooms throughout the year. Whether you opt for delicate bud vases to adorn your dining table or a statement vase to fill that empty corner in your hallway, you can't go wrong with flowers. Don't forget to add a subscription from Bloom & Wild for a gift that keeps on giving throughout the whole year.

Sleep like a king or queen

The Queen knows a thing or two about the importance of sleep. 10 years ago to celebrate her 60th year on the throne the world's most expensive bed was crafted for her. Known as the 'Royal State Bed' it cost a whopping £125,000 and took over 700 hours to make. Luckily you don't need the Queen's budget to dream to lofty heights and enjoy a stately snooze in luxury threat counts. With the right layering on your bed, you'll sleep like the Lord or Lady of the manor. Discover the perfect combination of great pillows, a comfy mattress, fluffy duvets and sheets you won't want to get out of.

Not sure where to start with material and thread count? Fear not, our bedding guide has all the info you'll need to find the right sheets for you.

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