The greatest wedding gift list myths

It seems there can be some uncertainty with wedding gift lists but we promise we’ll be completely straight with you.

Our gift list service has no hidden fees or surprises and we like to be completely up front with our customers – so here’s the lowdown on the truths behind the great myths of wedding gift lists.

Myth: gift lists should be full of traditional heirlooms

Truth: Just like with your wedding, your gift list can be whatever you want it to be and should reflect your style. If you want shot glasses, bluetooth speakers and a vinyl record player – go for it! If you would rather go for cash towards a house deposit or your honeymoon, that’s totally fine too. Your guests will want to get a gift that reflects who you are and think “That’s so them!” and they’ll want to help you out to start your new life together.

Myth: you don’t need as gift list if you’re already living together

Truth: A lot of people say this and we hear from brides after the wedding that they really regret not having a gift list because they miss out on the “Monica Moment” being surrounded by gifts to really celebrate the wedding. Sounds a bit superficial now, but it can be really useful for creating a new home together. It’s the perfect chance to update old appliances and accessories from student days or when you were both starting out in your careers – plus you can start fresh with a whole new style that reflects both of you.


Myth: guests don't like gift lists

Truth: If you've ever been a wedding guest yourself, you'll know the horrible feeling of being in the dark about gifts. What shall I buy them? How much should I spend? What are other people getting them? What do they even want? There are so many unanswered questions that a gift list is actually favoured by guests. All of the hard work will be done for them and they just have to choose a gift they know you'll like - plus it can be gift wrapped too!

Myth: I'll look greedy if I have a gift list

Truth: With group gifting, you'll be happy getting the high ticket items and guests are happy sticking to their budget. For any gift over £80, friends and family can contribute an amount of their choice (as low or high as they like), working together to reach the total. So if you want to add that KitchenAid mixer, no problem!

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