Hannah & Torri

A wedding on the Amalfi Coast is one of the most stunning backdrops you can have for your big day (it’s true, we had a vote in the office).

Though it was a long time coming, Hannah and Torri (or T-Dog and H-Cat as they’re also known…) made sure their wedding was done their way and in their style. We catch up with them to know a little more about their special day, and it might also have something to do with being nosy. But come, on! Have you seen these pictures?!

How did you meet?
Over a T-Mobile creative brief! Doesn’t sound too romantic does it? (We worked together at a marketing agency.)

How did you propose?
In the beautiful sunshine, at sea… on a pirate ship.

What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

Getting married! (We’ve waited a long time!) Being on holiday in beautiful Italy with our closest family and friends wasn’t bad either – heh.

Hannah & Torri

What tip would you give couples planning their wedding?
Do it your way. Learn each other’s strengths and play to them. Oh and don’t, whatever you do, buy a house at the same time! Ridiculous idea.

Apart from getting married, what’s the best thing you’ve done together?
Bought a house. Closely followed by being extras on The Phone Shop – hilarious and random in equal measures.

Did you have a honeymoon? If so, tell us all about where you went and what you loved about it.

We’re saving up to go next year, nearly there thanks to Prezola and very generous family and friends. All we have to do now is narrow down the 63 places we want to go, hmm…

Hannah & Torri

Why did you choose Prezola for your gift list?
We liked that it didn’t have the restriction of just one shop or one type of gift. People had the flexibility of buying us gifts for the house, cash towards bigger items or honeymoon treats.

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?
The Joseph Joseph coloured cooking utensils look pretty cool hanging in our kitchen.

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day!

It was like Christmas (but warmer)! All the gifts were wrapped and had messages from loved ones, it was really lovely.

Hannah & Torri

What’s the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to as a married couple?
Not planning a wedding! 🙂 We’re really enjoying getting stuck into some DIY in the new pad.

What’s your favourite date activity?
No comment…! 😉

What’s your interior style?
We’re just figuring that out at the moment. Our living room is getting a ‘modern-industrial-meets-rustic-timber’ makeover!

Hannah & Torri

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Winter wedding elegance with candlelight and woodlands

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