How to ask for money as a gift

These days, the majority of engaged couples are already living together, so it's normal to want money towards a honeymoon or house deposit as your wedding gift.

Around 20% of Prezola gift lists are ‘only cash’, while 50% of our couples like a mixture of cash and gifts all on one list. The majority of cash gifts are honeymoon fund contributions (62%) while 37% are cash contributions towards other things such as a home renovation or car fund. Here’s a few top tips to help make the process a little easier:

1. Time for rhyme

Though it’s become quite common for couples for ask for money, it can sometimes still be slightly awkward. There are ways to subtly ask for a cash contribution without being too forward. Some couples create little poems along the lines of ‘If you were thinking of buying a gift to help us on our way, a gift of money would be much appreciated and really make our day!’ It’s a softer way to ask without being so direct. There’s plenty on Google or Pinterest if you need a helping hand, and don’t forget the rhyming dictionary which has helped on many occasions!

2. Let’s split

Another way to be subtle is by splitting up your honeymoon fund into separate items. With Prezola, there’s dozens of cash gifts such as flight upgrades, cocktails on the beach or spa treatments, so guests feel they’re buying something personal for the wedding. It’s a little trick to make guests happier about giving money, thinking their money is going towards something specific rather than one big fund. At the end of the day, you'll receive the money to spend however you like.

3. Be brave!

Believe it or not your guests actually want to make you happy and give a gift that you’ll enjoy. Think back to when you were a wedding guest and how panicked you were about getting a wedding gift – it would have been so much easier if the couple had just said “We have all the house bits that we need but we’re really looking forward to our honeymoon. Any money you could give towards it would be the best present ever!” If you ask your guests for money as the best present they’ll be more than happy to help.

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