How to create a gallery wall

Gallery walls have the potential to transform a room, and they're perfect for home renters as a temporary alternative to painting. Here's some tips to nail the look and avoid creating a crowded space.

gallery wall

Selecting white-based pictures to go in monotone frames can break up a large wall area yet still look simplistic and minimal. It's a great idea to choose a theme for the wall, and a theme can help add personality to your newly styled space.

Gallery wall

Alternatively, the wall can be used to brighten a simple space. Filling frames with your favourite colours or selecting bright frames themselves, is an easy and cheap way to change the look of a room. You could even switch up the items from time to time so as to keep up to date with the latest colour trends.

gallery wall

A gallery wall doesn't have to be all framed art. 3D objects, mirrors, clocks and decorations are all great additions. They add dimension to what's usually a pretty flat setup and can even be functional, in the case of a mirror, which will throw extra light around a darker space. Just work an object into the wall as you would any other picture, but try not to go too small with your item.

Consistency is key in terms of colours and image themes, however don't get too hung up over arrangements. A randomly-hung collection of frames is great for adding character, especially to an otherwise plain room. It also makes for a fun project for you to play around with the arrangements and find something that suits.

Or if you are aiming for a neater finish, lining up the items in rows or columns is also a great idea. This technique paired with similar coloured images and frames (such as all black and white) completes a clean and organised space.

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