How to style your houseplants

Elevate your interior style and boost your mood with the leafy goodness of indoor plants

Houseplants not only add detail to any room but it's also been proven they’re good for our health. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, keeping house plants can reduce stress and fatigue, improve mood, boost productivity and lower blood pressure. Plants also purify the air we breathe by filtering airborne pollutants. All this, and they look incredible too. But how do you style house plants? There are plenty of ways to bring some gorgeous greenery into any room, whatever your style may be.

Making the perfect choice

When choosing your plants anything goes. Of course, you’ll need to match a plant species to its surroundings (plants that like a lot of light won’t do well in a dingy hallway corner). Once you have the care conditions nailed then in terms of plant aesthetics the world really is your oyster! A great place to start is to find a set of pots that match the room you’re styling. We love Burgon & Ball because of their beautiful texture, colour and versatile design. You could also try matching standing planters with floor-based pots and baskets, the difference in height adds excellent depth and detail to your interior jungle! When you’re building them, consider the texture in the leaves so the plants and pots complement each other. PT Living, Graham & Green and Nordal have some fab inspiration to get you started.

graham & green

Shrubs to help you slumber

Did you know you can benefit from a plant’s soothing properties by placing them in your bedroom. You can create a calming, relaxing atmosphere just by adding some lush greenery. Whether you’re a fan of crisp white walls, a lover of the boho vibe or even embracing a maximalistic approach to your interior design - there is a perfect plant-and-pot combo out there for you. Try putting a large tall plant in a basket to liven up a bare corner, or opt for switching your alarm clock for some bedside leaves!


Faux-rever stylish

If light availability is an issue, or you just can’t deal with the guilt of plant neglect (we’ve all done it!), then there’s always the faux option. Although purely decorative, you’ll still get the sense of well-being that greenery brings to a room and the bonus is that they won’t wilt when you forget to give them water, plus you don’t need to arrange plant-care when you’re off on holiday. Just remember to keep them clean - dusty faux plants are a total faux-pas!

Make a statement

In the same way that you’d have statement chairs, cushions or standout pieces of furniture, you can style plants this way too; large ferns and small trees command attention, but to make them the centre stage they can shine with metallic accents. The combination of lush greens with sparkling metallics is a trend that’s not going away any time soon, so why not choose some bold brass planters, and take it even further with some gold objets d’art to bring a room to life? Check out some fabulous planters from Graham & Green - the ethos of ‘more is more’ comes through with this brand’s quirky designs to bring plants to life.

Quick tips

For an instant houseplant fix, purchase some live herbs! They’re inexpensive to buy from a supermarket and they’ll bring your kitchen (and your cooking) to life! Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball and have some fab herb planters to keep things looking chic.

sophie conran

For the easiest way to level up your houseplant game, pop a Bloombox subscription onto your wedding gift list. You’ll receive a new house plant, delivered directly to your door every three months for a whole year. It comes complete with a gorgeous statement pot and essential care tips too!

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