How To Wabi-Sabi

This Japanese art of imperfection and transcience is sweeping its way over to us and it's all about finding beauty in imbalance

With a beautiful range of designs to suit every home and every hosting style, Creative Tops promotes a lifestyle more than anything else. The Satori rage originates from the traditional Japanese signs of good luck, energy and happiness and is elegantly adorned with deep indigo and gold patterns.


Want to impress your guests with exotic tastes from the world's cuisines? Whether it's a chicken noodle soup, spicy Indian curry, tasty Pad Thai or spring rolls, brands like The Spicery and GreenPan will get you equipped with all the necessary from high-quality, sustainable woks to the freshest ground spices!

Characteristics of wabi-sabi include simplicity, modesty and the appreciation of natural objects and processes. Perfect for brewing traditional loose leaf tea, the Kitchencraft Cast Iron Infuser Teapots will give your kitchen a touch of traditional Japanese design. Explore the senses with Design House Stockholm and its Bonsai diffuser set

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