Lauren & Declan

Lauren & Declan got married on New Year’s Eve and partied the whole night into the new year. As a former Senior Account Manager at Prezola, Lauren knows all of our brands well and works with them to give the very best to couples creating a gift list. We ask her all about her magical wedding and what she chose for her wedding gift list.

How did you meet?
As cheesy as it sounds, we’re childhood sweethearts who met at school and were friends for years before actually being in a relationship. We were part of the same circle of friends, who were all incredibly excited to find out we had become a couple! Our first kiss was at a fancy-dress party where Declan was dressed up as a T-Bird and I was a hippie. ✌️

Tell us all about the engagement!
I had no idea Declan was going to propose that weekend, however in hindsight it was actually quite obvious. It was our 5 year “anniversary” and we spent the weekend away in Cardiff with some of our closest friends. All day I kept asking Dec if he was OK or poorly because he looked so pale! It turned out he wasn’t sick – just super nervous to pop the question that evening! It was game day in Cardiff so the atmosphere was buzzing and he proposed in a curry house (we do love a curry!) – I was so surprised and speechless, but of course it was a no brainer and I said yes!


What was your favourite thing about the wedding?
Having all our favourite people in one place for the day was just incredible. I loved the party atmosphere, the cuddles from our loved ones and all their cheesy grins. I’m sure everyone says this but everything about the day was amazing and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

What tip would you give other couples planning their wedding?
Don’t get too hung up on the décor. We spent so long planning, changing our minds about the table decorations… I had a bit of a bridezilla meltdown the day before the wedding because I had bought so much stuff that wouldn’t all fit on the tables! The venue was so beautiful it didn’t need too much dressing and it would have looked beautiful whether it was decorated by us or not. All that stress over nothing (I blame Pinterest and its abundance of inspiration!).


Apart from getting married, what’s the best thing you’ve done together?
Our trip to South Africa was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. I think it changed us as a couple in such a good way, because we got to explore such an amazing country together and we were just so comfortable together. Another thing would be rescuing our gorgeous doggy Bilbo, who sadly passed away a month after our wedding. He brought so much joy into our lives; he was so hilarious and had such a loving personality. He also taught us what it was like to be responsible for something other than yourselves.

Tell us all about your honeymoon! Where did you go and what did you love about it?
We went to Mauritius a few days after New Year and it was the most incredible getaway we have ever had. The island was so luscious and green with some of the most spectacular views we have ever seen – or ever will see. It was also special because it was completely funded by our amazing friends and family, thanks to the honeymoon fund on our Prezola gift list.


What’s your favourite feature of Prezola gift lists?
We loved that it linked directly from our wedding website. It made it so easy to pass all the information over to our family and friends. We also think that our list looked just like a Pinterest board and all of our guests commented on how easy it was to use.

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?
Such an incredibly tricky question… we got so many gorgeous gifts, how do we pick a favourite? We’re in love with our LSA glassware we received (as we do love a good beverage) and our LSA Gin Table is just awesome for parties.

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day!
We were so excited! The presents were beautifully wrapped and we just couldn’t believe the generosity from our friends and family. I had to wait for Dec to get home from work before we could open them – it was so hard not to just tear them open Monica-style!

What’s the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to as a married couple?
We are very like-minded people and everything is more fun when we do things together. We cannot wait to buy our first house, which we are saving like crazy for at the moment. But also just the little things, like coming home to a cooked dinner and travelling together. All of it really!


What’s your favourite date activity?
A cozy night in with cheese and wine. We live quite busy lives, so spending time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company is such a treat.

What brands on Prezola are your favourites?
We were overwhelmed by the choices on Prezola. But the three brands that stood out for us were Habitat, LSA and The White Company. We knew their products would be such good quality that we could keep them forever, it was such a treat receiving them.

How would you describe your interior style?
We both have quite different styles, which complement each other. Declan likes modern and sleek interiors, with chunky, masculine elements whereas I’m a bohemian at heart. My style is quite eclectic and I’m naturally drawn to quite earthy or quirky products. If we could give our interior style a name, it would be modern eclectic.


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