Rachel & Errol

This classy wedding features coaches, bridesmaids dressed in black and a cockapoo puppy named Molly - who could ask for more?

How did you both meet?

I was at a mutual friend’s wedding and Errol hadn’t attended but he saw me in a photo of girls standing by the bride. He asked around his friends to find out who I was and then came the introductions. The romance blossomed very quickly from there!

How did you propose?

In Galway, a fab city where we’ve spent lots of romantic weekends! Errol went down on one knee over lunch and I was so surprised but delighted and ecstatic! It was such a fab moment – even the waitress cried as she brought us a bottle of prosecco! We drank champagne the whole afternoon and we were surrounded by so many well-wishers who were total strangers but just as happy as us! It was the perfect moment!

What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

Seeing all of our amazing friends and families and that they enjoyed and relished every second of the day. Just as much as we did!

Rachel & Errol
Rachel & Errol

What tip would you give couples planning their wedding?

Discuss everything together. Luckily my groom was very hands on and helped wherever he could. Also, don’t get too many opinions on a dress! I took my mum and her friends (whose opinions I really regard) when I was trying to find ‘The One’ and then invited all the bridesmaids to try dresses afterwards. They never saw my dress beforehand and I kept it all a surprise until they saw me on the day! Finally I’d say to relax and enjoy it all – it can feel stressful whilst organising but it’s over so soon. Try and genuinely enjoy the planning because you only get to do it once!

Apart from getting married, what’s the best thing you’ve done together?

Getting our little cockapoo puppy Molly, someone even brought her on the day for us!

Rachel & Errol
Rachel & Errol
Rachel & Errol

Did you have a honeymoon? Tell us all about where you went and what you loved about it.

Seychelles! We were there for 10 nights and did two islands, Mahe and Praslin. It was out-of-this-world amazing and we look back at the photos pretty much daily!

What’s your favourite date activity?

Going for weekend breaks, especially castle escapes!

Why did you choose Prezola for your gift list?

We really did our research on this. We wanted something different from the norm but felt classy, stylish and with a range of items to suit everyone. We’re also fussy about the brands we buy! Prezola was perfect and exceeded our expectations in every way. I also loved that we could get cash gifts without people thinking were ‘asking’ for money! It looked fab, the website was easy to use and we loved how we could keep track of who gave us what!

Rachel & Errol

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?

The Jo Malone candles – lush!!

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day!

It was so exciting! Our move-in date was slightly delayed but the guys at Prezola managed this without any problems!

What’s the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to as a married couple?

Moving into our new home and just beginning our lives as Mr and Mrs Clarke!! We’re looking forward to hosting lots of dinner parties with our gorgeous Vera Wang dinner set too! Oh, and to having lots of little mini me’s! 😉

What’s your interior style?

Belgian with lots of wooden flooring, cosy throws and candles everywhere!

Rachel & Errol
Rachel & Errol Real Couples' Wedding

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