Rum is the new gin

Tiki bars, tropical beaches and pina colada’s, just a few of the things you’d associate with rum, but this underrated sugar-cane based spirit is about to have a big renaissance.

At Prezola we're always at the top trade shows and seeking out the next big trend and food and drink are no exception. It seems the spirit of the moment, gin, is finally taking a back seat with industry experts tipping rum to be the next big thing. So what better opportunity to do some research than with one of our experiences we list on site?!

Laki Kane is an award-winning spiced dry rum club, located in London’s stylish Islington area. Through our official partners Virgin Experience Days, they offer a fully immersive rum experience that not only promises to teach you the history and process of making the spirit but also gives you the opportunity to flavour and redistill your very own bottle! And boy did it deliver…

Stepping from the busy city streets into a tropical paradise, the bar has walls adorned with bamboo, tabletops made from maps and wooden tiki carvings. After being greeted with a glass of rum punch it was time to get started.

laki kane rum
laki kane

Sporting an exotic patterned shirt and wooden beaded necklace, our ambassador was world-famous rum connoisseur Georgi Radev, what this guy doesn't know about rum isn't worth knowing! Our rum journey started with another delicious cocktail and a video of the history of the spirit. Next up was the best part...the tasting. Before taking us through the different types of rum (and mixing us up another cocktail), Georgi explained the different ways it can be made and the ingredients that go into creating different varieties.

With our newfound rum knowledge, it was time to make our own. Using a copper alembic pot still, we added our rum and spices and left the machine to do its work. The result was a personalised bottle made with all our favourite flavours. We squeezed in our last cocktail and it was time to grab our goody bag and stumble on home. The Laki Kane rum making experience really is perfect for rum enthusiasts and newbies alike, so learn something new and add it to your list now.

Laki Kane
goody bag

Experience days are a great way to add some adventure to your gift list but don't forget to mix them with products so you can enjoy at home.

The Rum collection from LSA is perfect for re-creating your new favourite rum tipples at home. The specialist, mouth-blown range features a modern silhouette with a solid conical stem, disc-shaped foot and rounded bowls to enhance the aroma of the spirit.


Don't stop at glasses, we have the perfect decanters, recipe books and even a home bar kit. Get ahead of the trend and add them to your list now.