Wedding cake ideas: the guide

We’re here to serve you up a slice (sorry…) of wedding cake inspiration. Now, before we get down to the cakey nitty gritty, let’s answer a couple burning questions.

What type of cake is best for a wedding cake?

When it comes to choosing the perfect cake for your big day, the options are (almost) endless! From classic fruitcakes that could last 'til your silver anniversary to indulgent chocolate creations to rival the cake from Matilda. And let's not forget if you’re not into the spongy kind of cake, there’s always cheese cake, macaroon towers and doughnut walls. Ultimately, the key is to pick a cake that suits your taste and theme.

What is the average cost for a wedding cake?

Oh, the million-quid question! Well, not quite a million, but wedding cakes can be a bit of a splurge. On average, you might be looking at around £300 to £800, depending on the size, design, and the baker's reputation. If you’re looking to save some pennies, ask around to see if you happen to have an auntie who is a dab hand with a piping bag.

close up of cake

What is the most popular type of wedding cake?

Drumroll, please! The winner is... the classic vanilla sponge cake! It's like the little black dress of wedding cakes – timeless and always in vogue. This delicious icon is usually paired with delightful fillings like raspberry jam and smooth buttercream, tried and tested for decades. But, if you're feeling adventurous and want to try the latest trending flavours like matcha or gin and tonic, who are we to stop you?

So, now we’ve answered those questions, let’s kick off with some wedding cake ideas!

Drip cakes

This super popular wedding cake design is perfect if you’re looking for something fun and not too formal. Look to match your ‘drip’ colour to your scheme, or clash for a more unique wedding cake design.

chocolate and vanilla drip cake
pink sprinkles and oreo drip wedding cake
blue and white macaroon drip wedding cake
coffee and chocolate drip wedding cake

Water colour cakes

Whimsical and romantic, hand painted water colour cakes are another easy way to incorporate your wedding colour scheme. This pretty wedding cake idea works no matter what size cake you go for. Result.

pastel pink wedding cake
light pink water colour wedding cake
Turqoise small wedding cake with blue flowers made of icing
orange autumn watercolour wedding cake with yellow flowers

Geometric cakes

This wedding cake design is a perfect mix of modern and vintage, think 1920’s meets 2023 for a seriously cool wedding cake.

geometric pink layered cake with gold leaf and flowers
pink and grey layered geometric cake with flowers

Minimalist cakes

For well… the minimalists! A perfect opportunity to let a simple cake design shine. Whether you for for square, round or otherwise, a minimalist cake is effortlessly cool, sometimes less really is more.

minimalist white wedding cake
simple white three layer wedding cake with white roses
white three layer cake with red and white flowers
rustic two layer white wedding cake with pink roses and barley

Vintage Lambeth cakes

Now, this is one for the maximalists! Think fancy, intricate piping in a rainbow of colours and you’ve got the Lambeth cake! This design works equally well as a single, double or triple tier depending on how extravagant you want your wedding cake.

vintage retro lambeth wedding cake with pink and red piped icing
vintage lambeth wedding cake with sliced strawberries and meringue
ornate white Blair Waldorf style vintage wedding cake
heart shaped white and pink vintage inspired wedding cake

Edible bloom cakes

A super romantic wedding cake design, have your cake wizard (yes, we believe wedding cake designers deserve the title) adorn your wedding cake with edible flowers to suit the season of your big day for a seriously pretty wedding cake.

close up of edible orchid flower wedding cake design
layered white wedding cake with edible flowers and initials
purple and pink layered wedding cake with edible hydrangeas
naked wedding cake with edible white flowers

Monochrome cakes

If you’re looking for a striking and elegant wedding cake, look no further than a monochrome design. This design is super classy and would work perfectly at a black tie do.

Black tiered Christmas wedding cake with green holly branches
monochrome black and white cake with edible orchid flowers

Pearl cakes

Pearls… on a cake? Yep. And they look beautiful too. Pearls create a really unique wedding cake design and are the perfect addition to a simple white wedding cake.

cream pearl wedding cake with pale pink roses
pearl three layer wedding cake with pink peonies

All white cakes

If you’re going for the perfect white wedding (hello, dreamy white wedding dress), why stop at the cake? There are endless ways you can add texture and interest to your all white cake. Think lace, sugar flowers, ruffles and pearls. An all white cake need not be a simple wedding cake.

simple white wedding layer cake with pink roses
naked white wedding cake with orchids and roses
simple two tiered white wedding cake with olive branches and roses
winter wedding cake with red berries

Blush cakes

For something a little softer, look no further than the blush wedding cake. Romantic, pretty and still modern, blush wedding cakes are a win win.

pink sparkle wedding cake with white roses
blush pink wedding cake with blueberries and roses

Marble cakes

If you’re looking for a unique wedding cake idea, take a look at marble cakes. These beauties inspired by marble crystals are a modern classic and make for a super impressive tiered wedding cake.

white and grey marble wedding cake with red flowers
marble chocolate drip cake with pink macaroons

Naked cakes

Oh la la! The naked (or semi-naked wedding cake) is still super popular as a rustic wedding cake design for good reason. If you’re having a less formal affair, these cakes look great alongside fairly lights, a cute cake topper and bunting and you’ll never OD on sickly icing!

white and orange naked autumnal wedding cake with figs and rosemary
naked layered wedidng cake with vanilla icing and flowerss
naked wedding cheesecake with passion fruit and raspberry
naked wedding layer cake with blueberries and roses

Metallic cakes

Choose from accents of gold, silver, bronze or even rose gold to catch your guests eye. These extravagant wedding cake designs are perfect all year round, whether you’re having a sparkly Christmas wedding or a summer shindig, consider gold leaf your new best friend!

metallic three layer cake
white wedding gold leaf cake with flowers

So, there we have it, the best wedding cake ideas for you, our lovely couples. Oh, and if you have more burning questions about how to choose your cake, head over to our blog where we chat everything from size (oo er!) to design.

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