Your complete wedding registry checklist & awesome gift ideas

If you ask us, coming up with terrific wedding registry ideas and curating them into your dream wedding registry checklist is one of the most fun bits of your wedding planning journey. It’s a chance for you and your fiance to sit down together with a cuppa (or something stronger) and think about how you want your future together to look.

Does it involve a spectacular honeymoon? How about a monthly wine subscription? A matching dinnerware set for fabulous dinner parties… Maybe all of the above and more! Whatever it is, we’ve got you well and truly covered. Prezola is the UK’s most popular gift list. So, when it comes to wedding registry ideas… we’re kind of the experts!

With us, you can get ADVENTUROUS with your wedding gift list - combine presents with incredible experiences, subscriptions, honeymoon funds and more, all on one registry list. This article is all about making sure you cover all your bases when thinking about your wedding wishlist – it’s the ultimate wedding registry checklist!

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wedding planning checklist

Your wedding registry checklist

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty… what should you put on your registry checklist? Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive, room-by-room wish list with just about everything you could possibly need. Of course, you don’t have to include ALL the things… but feel free to use this as a wedding gift list template, designed to prompt and jog your memory while you create your dream wedding registry list with Prezola!

Registry gift ideas for the kitchen

Whether you’re keen cooks, or… well… not so keen, wedding gift lists are a fantastic way to upgrade your kitchen. You can list it all, from the bare necessities like pots and pans to the most weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets… salad spinner? Pasta maker? Hand-operated butter churn?... seriously – anything goes!

Cookware Kitchen tools Food preparation
☐ Saucepans
☐ Frying pans and woks
☐ Casserole dishes
☐ Oven dishes
☐ Roasting tins
☐ Ramekins
☐ Bakeware
☐ Knives and blocks
☐ Chopping boards
☐ Measuring jugs and scales
☐ Utensils
☐ Peelers and graters
☐ Pestle and mortars
☐ Mixers
☐ Blenders and juicers
☐ Food processors
☐ Fryers, grills and steamers
☐ Slow cookers
☐ Microwaves

Browse all cookware, kitchen tools and food preparation gifts.

Kitchen storage Small kitchen appliances Large kitchen appliances
☐ Storage jars
☐ Food containers
☐ Bread bins
☐ Spice racks
☐ Stands and holders
☐ Wine racks
☐ Toasters
☐ Kettles
☐ Coffee machines
☐ Refrigerators
☐ Freezers
☐ Washing machines
☐ Tumble dryers
☐ Cookers
☐ Dishwashers
Kitchen accessories
☐ Tea towels and cosies
☐ Aprons and oven gloves
☐ Cook books

Browse all kitchen accessories gifts.

Gift ideas for the dining room

Dinnerware sets are always a popular choice for wedding gift registry lists – having a full matching set just feels more grown up somehow… like you’re finally fully functional adults who entertain and host dinner parties. And while we’re on the subject of dinner parties… your wedding registry is an excellent opportunity to up your game with dinner candles, tablecloths, placemats, napkin rings… the whole shebang!

Dinnerware Barware Dining furniture
☐ Sets
☐ Cutlery sets
☐ Plates
☐ Bowls
☐ Egg cups
☐ Cups and saucers
☐ Mugs
☐ Teapots
☐ Coffee pots
☐ Corkscrews
☐ Ice buckets and coolers
☐ Bar accessories
☐ Bar trolleys
☐ Dining tables
☐ Dining chairs

Browse all dinnerware, barware and dining furniture gifts.

Table dressing Glassware Serveware
☐ Table clothes and runners
☐ Napkins and rings
☐ Placemats and coasters
☐ Wine glasses
☐ Champagne glasses
☐ Tumblers and highballs
☐ Cocktail and shot glasses
☐ Decanters
☐ Carafes and pitchers
☐ Serving platters
☐ Serving boards
☐ Serving cutlery
☐ Cheese boards and knives
☐ Cake stands
☐ Toast racks
☐ Trays
☐ Butter dishes
☐ Jugs
☐ Sauce boats
☐ Condiment pots
☐ Salt and pepper
☐ Drizzlers
☐ Sugar pots

Browse all table dressings, glassware and serveware gifts.

Wedding list ideas for bed and bath

Bedding and bedlinens are classic wedding gift list ideas – there’s something SO luxurious about sinking into brand-new bedsheets. Ditto fluffy new towels and bathrobes. So, go ahead… don’t be shy - treat yo’ selves!

Bedroom Bedroom furniture Bathroom
☐ Bedding sets
☐ Duvet covers
☐ Pillowcases
☐ Sheets
☐ Blankets
☐ Duvets
☐ Pillows
☐ Toppers and protectors
☐ Bedroom accessories
☐ Sleepwear
☐ Beds
☐ Bedside tables
☐ Mattresses
☐ Drawers
☐ Dressing tables
☐ Wardrobes
☐ Ottomans
☐ Towels
☐ Bath mats
☐ Bathrobes
☐ Pampering
☐ Bathroom accessories
☐ Bathroom storage

More wedding wish list ideas for the home

Think of your wedding wish list as the perfect opportunity to make your house a home. All those little added extras… the scatter cushions on the sofa, the cool art prints on the walls, the scented candles, cosy blankets, snazzy lampshades… you get the idea. Choose pieces that reflect your personality as a couple, and your guests will love browsing and picking their faves.

Home décor Soft furnishings Furniture
☐ Centre pieces
☐ Ornaments
☐ Vases
☐ Candles
☐ Candle holders
☐ Diffusers
☐ Clocks
☐ Doorstops and mats
☐ Photo frames and albums
☐ Wall art
☐ Mirrors
☐ Indoor planters
☐ Fireplace accessories
☐ Paint
☐ Cushions
☐ Throws
☐ Beanbags and pouffes
☐ Rugs
☐ Seat pads
☐ Sofas
☐ Arm chairs
☐ Footstools
☐ Benches
☐ Coffee tables
☐ Side tables
☐ Console tables
☐ Shelving units
☐ Sideboards and media units
☐ Desks
Storage Lighting Housekeeping
☐ General storage
☐ Storage baskets
☐ Hooks and umbrella stands
☐ Table lamps
☐ Floor lamps
☐ Desk lamps
☐ Ceiling and wall lights
☐ Lampshades
☐ Laundry
☐ Cleaning
☐ Vacuum cleaners
☐ Bins

Browse storage, lighting and housekeeping gifts.

☐ Televisions
☐ Sound systems
☐ Radios
☐ Headphones
☐ Turntables
☐ Laptops
☐ Tablets
☐ Computers
☐ Games consoles
☐ Gadgets
☐ Smart home

Browse technology gifts.

Gift ideas for your outside space

Don’t forget the garden! If your outside space could use a little love, now is the time. Are you a BBQ master? Upgrade to a fancy new one.

Maybe you’re a green-thumbed wonder in need of a few new tools? Add what you need to your registry list. Dreaming of summer evenings and dining al fresco? You know what to do.

Garden furniture Gardening Al Fresco dining
☐ Tables and chairs
☐ Hammocks and deckchairs
☐ Garden storage
☐ Gardening tools ☐ BBQs
☐ BBQ accessories
☐ Outdoor tableware
☐ Picnic hampers
☐ Picnic rugs
Garden décor Camping
☐ Garden accessories
☐ Outdoor lighting
☐ Outdoor games
☐ Pots and planters
☐ Fire pits and chimineas
☐ Camping accessories

Browse garden décor and camping gifts.

Lifestyle gift ideas

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when coming up with ideas for your wedding registry. You can list all kinds of things – from fitness equipment to food and drink, flower subscriptions to meal kits. You can even list baby bits if you’re soon-to-be parents, or pet accessories for your fur-babies!

Entertainment Food and drink Subscriptions
☐ Coffee table books
☐ Games
☐ Vinyl records
☐ Gift hampers
☐ Wine
☐ Champagne
☐ Spirits
☐ Annual
☐ Monthly
☐ Vouchers
Fitness Baby and child Pets
☐ Fitness trackers
☐ Yoga and wellbeing
☐ Fitness accessories
☐ Blankets and accessories
☐ Nursery furniture and décor
☐ Toys and books
☐ Pet accessories

Travel and experiences wish list ideas

Your wedding list can be SO much more than just stuff for your house! If you’re more in the market for making memories than collecting cushions and cutlery, then this section is for you.

Add Airbnb or Mr and Mrs Smith vouchers to put towards an amazing minimoon trip and lock in some incredible post-wedding adventures.

Star gazing for two in Wales? Mexican street food masterclass? Stand-up paddle boarding on Loch Lomond? Yes, yes, YES.

Experiences Minimoons Travel essentials
☐ Days out
☐ Spa days out
☐ Wining and dining
☐ UK breaks
☐ International breaks
☐ Suitcases
☐ Holdalls
☐ Travel accessories
☐ Travel mugs and flasks
☐ Travel books

Cash & honeymoon funds and charity donation ideas

Here at Prezola, we are all about freedom, flexibility and life’s big ADVENTURES. Maybe you’re saving up for the honeymoon of a lifetime, maybe it’s a deposit for a house, or maybe it’s a classic VW camper van you’re planning to convert into a travelling pop-up coffee shop. Whatever it is you’re dreaming of, let your wedding guests help you make it a reality! Prezola is your trusted cash and honeymoon registry, as well as doubles up as a charity donations fund.

Browse all our options for

So, there it is… the ultimate wedding gift list example with just about all the wedding registry ideas you could possibly think of. Take it, use it, abuse it and make it your own. Then head over to and start building your dream wedding gift list.

Wedding registry FAQ

A few basics… We’ve answered a few of the most common questions couples have about wedding registry lists.

What is a wedding gift registry?

A wedding registry is a list of wedding gift ideas. An engaged couple can create and share the gift registry with friends and family ahead of the big day. The idea is to make life easier for wedding guests by guiding them towards the wedding presents you’d really love to receive. No duplicates, no waste, and no worries! Discover more about what is a wedding registry and what you can do with it.

How many registries do we need?

It is possible to combine multiple wedding registries, but this can get complicated for you, and confusing for your guests. With Prezola, you just need the one – we’ve got everything you need, from gifts to honeymoon funds and more, all in one place. Winner!

Is it ok to ask for money?

Yes, of course, it is! If you’re saving up for something special, your guests will be happy to help you out. The main thing here is to make it clear what you’ll be putting their hard-earned cash towards. Prezola gives you the option to personalise your cash funds.

So, if you’re planning an epic honeymoon road trip down Route 66, you can create separate funds for flights, car hire, motel stays, diner breakfasts and a Vegas casino fund… that’s a detour that’s gotta be done, right?! Do you need some help getting the right wording to tell your guest in a cute and fun way? Check out our wedding gift poems.

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