What is Social Gifting?

The unique way of gifting that won't cost your wedding guests a penny

Your wedding gift list is the perfect opportunity to ask for the things you've always longed for, and although a beautiful KitchenAid might be at the top of your list, your Aunt teaching you her secret chocolate cake recipe would be the perfect gift to go with it. This is where Social Gifting comes in. This feature means guests can promise to do something for you and not just buy something to celebrate your special day. Social Gifts are all about celebrating friendship and creating memories that will continue long after your wedding day. They can be absolutely anything you want, maybe you're in need of a trusted dog sitter when you jet off on your honeymoon or a helping hand decorating the spare bedroom. Whatever it is, your friends and family will be able to offer their time to the promises you add to your list.

pet sit

How does it work?

You can choose from our pre-created promises in the Charity & Social category or you can create your own by logging into your account and going to Add Social Gifts in the control panel. By making your own bespoke promises you can personalise with your own title, description and image. Just like any other gift on your list, Social Gifts will be available for guests to browse as soon as you make your list visible. Once a guest has promised their time to your Social Gift you will get an email to let you know, it's then over to you to arrange when they are going to fulfil their promise.


What are the benefits?

When you create your gift list it's important to offer guests lots of options, they will all have very different budgets so it's a good idea to provide a real variety. Social Gifts cost guests nothing but their time and creating bespoke promises means you can build the ultimate gift list that truly reflects your personality. You can also create promises for causes that are close to your heart, perhaps you have a favourite charity you would like to help out, or maybe you'd like to reduce plastic waste by asking each wedding guest to promise to get a reusable cup for their coffee.

Social Gifting

Whatever your cause or need, you can create promises that are personal to you and best of all it means you get to spend time with family and friends doing the things you really love, so why not add some promises to your list and get the gift of time.