Give back with your wedding gift list

Use your wedding gift list to give a little something back and help your favourite charity.

Wedding gift lists have certainly changed since our parents were married. Not only is it now all online and done digitally, but you can register for awesome gifts such as quirky cushions, bespoke prints and even a candy floss machine if you fancy it. That said, gifts aren’t for everyone. You may have everything you desire and feel there isn’t a single extra thing you could possibly need. It happens. Dyson? Got it. KitchenAid? Had one for years. Cute photo frames? You’ve got 20.

Before you think that wedding gift lists aren’t for you, why not make them about someone else instead? Or at least a charity close to your heart. At Prezola, you can create charity donations to one of the many charities listed on site, or to a bespoke charity that means something special. It won’t cost you a penny and we don’t take any of the contribution money.

How it works

Much like a honeymoon fund, wedding guests visit your wedding gift list and pay for various charity donation denominations from as little as £10 all the way up to £1,000 if you wish. We’ll then transfer all the money into your bank account so you are in full control of the donation. You can choose from the hundreds of charities we list on site, or add a local charity close to your heart as a bespoke gift.

Why we ask you to donate the money

This way, the charity can benefit further with GiftAid, which wouldn’t be received if a company makes the donation. It also gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of actually donating the money yourselves.

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