Winter wedding elegance with candlelight and woodlands

What could be more romantic than winter skies and candlelight? Ashley and Calum's gorgeous winter wedding day was so atmospheric and full of love.

From their beautiful church ceremony and the amazing rustic outdoor photos, to the twinkling lights and deep red flowers, look no further for all the winter wedding inspo you'll ever need.

With a house move just 6 months before their wedding day, Ashley and Calum decided to use their gift list to fill their home with fabulous memories from special people. Check out the cool art prints and rattan floor lamp of dreams!

How did you two meet?
We knew each other from going to nearby schools.

What's your favourite thing to do together?
We enjoy going on city breaks and holidays together and eating out!

Bride in car
Ashley and Calum real couple

What was the best thing about the wedding?
Having our family and friends around us to celebrate.

What tip would you give other couples planning their wedding?
That no one knows all the plans you had - don't sweat the small stuff, guests will be glad to celebrate the day with you and won't mind if there are no flowers on the windowsills of the church!

Bride Ashley and Calum

Tell us all about your honeymoon!
We went to New York for 5 days - it was just before Christmas so it was amazing. We fitted so many sights into 5 days we felt like we needed another honeymoon afterward.

ashley and calum
Bride and Groom

What has surprised you most about being married?
How it doesn't feel any different to beforehand!

What's one thing you did before you got married and are glad you still do now?
Use our joint calendar on our phone - it kept us organised with all events in the run-up to the wedding and always ensures we're never forgetting about plans made!

Wedding. party

Were you always planning to have a gift list?
Yes, we had moved into a house 6 months prior to the wedding and we were looking forward to furnishing it with lovely items we had picked together from our wedding list.

What's your favourite gift list feature on Prezola?

The ease of use and how straightforward it was for guests to use. The range of brands ensured that we were able to choose things for all over the house.

What are your favourite brands on Prezola?
Falcon Enamelware, Nespresso and Le Creuset

Real couple

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?
We were so excited to get our art prints - they made our home feel more personal and homely!

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day
We patiently waited for the delivery and took time going through each gift and reading the kind messages that our guests had left us - with some being gift wrapped and being 6 weeks after Christmas it was like another Christmas day!

How would you describe your interior style?
We like an eclectic mix of furniture and prints - and we love items that mean something to us or that remind us of somewhere we've been.

Is there a gift you wish you had added to your gift list but didn't?
Absolutely nothing - Prezola covered all ends of wedding gifts that we wanted. We were able to choose things we possibly wouldn't have bought ourselves down the line and it was lovely for guests to be able to buy a tangible gift.

Real couple
bride and groom

Photography by Emma Rock Photography

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