Your Le Creuset size guide

Not sure where to start with this iconic brand? Our ultimate size guide will help you choose the perfect dish for your kitchen.

How do you find the size?

Le Creuset casserole dishes come in various diameters to serve multiple guests. Ranging from 9cm all the way to 30cm in shallow and round dishes, how do you know which is right for you? To find the size of the dish, lift the lid to find the number of centimetres underneath, or look at the bottom of the dish.

Which size is right for you?

Make sure that the size you buy suits the number of people you usually cook for and what you like to cook. Smaller sizes are ideal for cooking smaller pot meals for 1-3 people, making sauce and gravy, cooking rice, roasting small cuts of meat, simmering vegetables and baking bread, cakes and puddings.

Medium and larger sizes are perfect for cooking one pot meals for 4-8 people such as chilli, soup, stews, casseroles and sauces, cooking pasta, rice and vegetables and roasting meat, poultry and fish.

Le Creuset Casserole size

Generally, the larger the size, the better. Stews and pot roasts need space for heat and moisture to circulate around the ingredients and you can always put less in more but not more in less! It's also very useful to have two sizes to cover a variety of needs, a small to medium and a large dish.

We recommend a 20-22cm round for the small size and for the larger size, a 24-28cm round, 29cm oval or a 30cm shallow dish. The larger sizes are perfect for entertaining and bigger families.

Round Casserole

The essential, timeless kitchen classic. This versatile one-pot wonder delivers moisture-packed flavour for hearty stews and is also ideal for rice and pasta dishes, roasts and baking bread and cakes.

Round Casserole size

Shallow Casserole

Exceptionally versatile; this larger dish is great for roasting meat and vegetables, creating stir-fry, baking and serving from kitchen to table.

Le Creuset Shallow Dish Size

Oval Casserole

Perfect for longer cuts of meat or fish, the Oval Casserole comes in medium to large sizes to suit all meal types.

Le Creuset Oval Casserole

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