Urbania Lighthouse Pakhus



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The delicate Kähler light houses from the Urbania range are already popular with design lovers throughout Scandinavia - and now the elegant Warehouse has been added to the range. The light house is inspired by New York’s tall, spacious, historical warehouses in the Brooklyn district. Let the light house stand on its own and spread warmth and atmosphere with its playful shadows or create your own Urbania town by mixing and matching the various houses.

Height: 205mm

Candle wax stains on the product can be removed by pouring hot water over it.
Do not place the light houses on any flammable material.
Only use tea lights with foil and with a burning time of four hours.
Always place the candle in the centre of the light house to prevent the heat from the flame damaging the product.
To avoid the risk of fire, never cover the light houses.