Paul Hollywood Stainless Steel Bread Saw Knife



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There’s nothing -wrong- with the classic bread knife. But even the most trusted kitchen tools can be improved. That’s why Paul Hollywood has partnered with KitchenCraft to create this innovative bread saw. Unlike traditional serrated knives, it cuts across the loaf and requires little downward force. This means it’s easy to cut perfect slices from even the softest, fluffiest loaves. It’s particularly good for slicing warm, delicate home-baked bread, and won’t squish them like bread knives would. Shaped like a vintage handsaw, this innovative knife features a sturdy stainless steel blade with sharp serrated edges to saw through crisp crusts without damaging them. It also has a natural beechwood handle, which is riveted for added durability. Like the classic handsaw that inspired it, this bread knife boasts smart, practical good looks and is saw is sure to play an essential role in your toolkit.


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