Lumbre Clay Chimenea, Blue Aqua

La Hacienda

Adding a dash of colour and Mexican heritage to your outdoor space has never been so easy with the Lumbre Chimenea. This traditional design will provide an authentic atmosphere for your alfresco soirees with friends and family, adding pattern and heat South American style.

Also available in dark green, light up in the day and keep warm long into the evening - it's the perfect addition to your wedding gift list.

Material: Clay
Dimensions: H: 95cm x Dia: 38cm

Important information when curing the Chimenea:
- To start a fire, place a small quantity of kindling wood and rolled newspaper in the base of the unit on top of the sand. Light the paper and allow a flame to build up. Once sufficiently alight add a small log and allow to burn slowly. Allow the log to burn out and the Chimenea to cool. Repeat this procedure at least twice more. This seals any pores with soot and cures the Chimenea. You can then build larger fires using a couple of logs. This is sufficient and produces enough heat.
- Do not overload the unit with fuel (untreated wood or logs) – if the fire is too intense this could damage the Chimenea. Fuel should never protrude from the front opening of the Chimenea.


Notice: This item is available for group gifting to allow multiple guests to contribute an amount of their choice towards the total. If you'd like more than one of this item, you'll need to add them to your list one at a time. Select 'List It' below and opt for group gifting.

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