Harness Zorbing for Two

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Ever fancied being safely harnessed inside a 12ft inflatable ball and bouncing your way down a hill reaching speeds of up to 30mph? Then look no further, this is the perfect wedding gift for you.
It's a simple concept - two people are strapped facing each other inside the inflatable sphere which is then pushed down a hill. It is a rough ride but if you love an adrenaline rush then you will love zorbing. You will experience centrifugal force as you speed down the hill, gluing you to the wall of the sphere. There will be laughter and screaming all the way down, but you will definitely be exhilarated at the end.
Perfect for adrenaline junkies, make sure you add this experience to your wedding list today.

What's included:
Health and Safety briefing
One roll each, down the hill, sharing a sphere

Booking information:
The experience will run two to four days per month at the following locations: Manchester South – Macclesfield and Nottinghamshire – Westwood.
We recommend you book at least four weeks in advance to ensure that dates are. All bookings are subject to availability.
A cancellation indemnity, subject to terms, is included with every voucher.

Your voucher will be sent directly to you from Virgin Experience Days - either by post or as an E-Voucher, depending on the experience. Voucher validity may vary with each experience. Please check the expiration date on your voucher or refer to the Virgin Experience Days website for more information.