Symphonia Cupra 3-Piece Set




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Handmade in the Piedmont region at the foot of the Italian Alps, each piece of Ruffoni cookware combines generations of traditional artisan craftsmanship with modern day cooking performance and innovation. The result is exquisite quality and resplendent design.

Delivering pure oven-to-table class, Ruffoni’s Symphonia Cupra range is modern and understated at the same time as making a true kitchen statement. Versatile and practical, this sleek hammered copper range provides uniform heat conduction with precise temperature control. This exquisite set is presented in a wonderfully authentic wooden box and contains a braiser, soup pot and small saucepan - the perfect items to start your Ruffoni collection and a remarkable wedding gift.

Includes: Braiser (ø26cm, 5.5L), Soup Pot (ø20cm, 4L), Saucepan (ø16cm. 1.5L)
Material: Stainless steel-lined copper

Care instructions:
Suitable for gas and electric hobs. Not suitable for induction hobs.
The flame must never be too high and never let the pan boil or go dry.
Clean in warm soapy water.
Never use abrasive substances.
Eventual staining or marks on the tin lining, caused by high temperatures or food acids will in no way harm the functionality and hygiene of the product.
To restore your cookware to its original look, clean with a cloth dampened with a salt and vinegar, or salt and lemon juice solution. Alternatively, use a good quality copper cleaner following the manufacturer’s instructions. Full use and care instructions are included with each Ruffoni product.
With time and regular use, copper naturally oxidises and develops a dark red patina.

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