Audley Salt & Pepper Grinders

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This classic pair of silver-plated salt and pepper grinders are used in all of the Houses and restaurants. Matching perfectly with the rest of Soho Home's luxe Audley silverware range, they are the perfect addition to any table and make a wonderful wedding gift.

The classic stainless steel design features silver plating, with S and P debossed on top and the Soho Home logo tucked away beneath the grinding mechanism.

Set of two
Weight: 509g each
Materials: Stainless Steel, Silver Plated
Care Instructions: Wipe the salt / pepper grinder clean using a soft damp cloth and occasionally wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasives or cleaners as they may damage the finish. Not dishwasher safe.

Please Note: This item is silver plated, and so may tarnish over time. Buff with a silver cloth to revive shine

How to use: Unscrew the top knob, pull open the cover and fill the grinder bottle up to 2/3 capacity or less with salt or pepper. Slide the cap back through the square rod and screw the top knob, applying light pressure. In this position the mill will produce a comparatively coarser grind quality. If a finer grind quality is required, turn the mill upside down to dislodge any pepper corns or salt out of the mechanism and tighten the top knob. The more the knob is hand tightened, the finer the grind quality. Always rotate the cover in a clockwise direction for grinding. Always use dried, whole, regular sized peppercorns and dry sea salt crystals (not flakes) in the mill.

If your grinder becomes squeaky, unscrew top knob, remove cap from body of grinder, wipe the rim with a drop of olive oil and replace both cap and knob. This will keep the cap moving smoothly against the grinder.

Notice: This item is available for group gifting to allow multiple guests to contribute an amount of their choice towards the total. If you'd like more than one of this item, you'll need to add them to your list one at a time. Select 'Add to list' and opt for group gifting.