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We love Mustard Lockers and it's easy to see why! Cool, contemporary storage at it's finest, their lockers are incredibly versatile and can fit into any room of your home. Nestle next to your bed for an eye-catching bedside table, place in your office for extra storage, or in the bathroom to hold your towels and toiletries.

There's endless ways to style your Mustard Locker. Top with a statement table lamp and plenty of houseplants, or group together for a colourful locker display! Whichever way you house your locker, be sure to add this gorgeous piece to your wedding registry today.

Inside: Two adjustable shelves, one handy hook, cable hole, safety wall screw holes.
Outside: Handle, lock, custom keyring, mustard logo, air vents.
Dimensions: Height 72cm x Width 35cm x Depth 46cm

This product includes £10 direct delivery from the supplier, which can take up to 12 weeks.

Please note: All Mustard lockers arrive flat packed with instructions for assembly.

Notice: This item is available for group gifting to allow multiple guests to contribute an amount of their choice towards the total. If you'd like more than one of this item, you'll need to add them to your list one at a time. Select 'Add to list' and opt for group gifting.