Sip of Gold Champagne Goblet, Rumble Rex

Sieger by Fürstenberg


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These Sip of Gold champagne goblets are a combination of wafer-thin porcelain and the finest precious metal. When the tumblers are filled with a drink, hundreds of reflections create the impression of liquid gold that gives the collection its name. These goblets are just as appealing to drink from as they are to look at: delicate and wafer-thin, with a wall thickness of around two millimeters, they sit lightly and elegantly in the hand. An eye catching alternative to the traditional flute or saucer!

Packaged in an exclusive gift box, these goblets would make a beautiful wedding gift.

Height : 7.4cm
Diameter : 8.9cm
Material : Porcelain
Hand wash only.

Notice: This item is available for group gifting to allow multiple guests to contribute an amount of their choice towards the total. If you'd like more than one of this item, you'll need to add them to your list one at a time. Select 'Add to list' and opt for group gifting.