Terrarium Workshop

London Terrariums


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The Terrarium Workshop from London Terrariums will allow you to learn how a terrarium works; how these self-contained ecosystems survive so well on their own and how to look after them.

You will start with a short introduction explaining the history and science that goes into building a terrarium, from the different plants you can use to why activated charcoal has become an essential.

Then it is up to you guys to get stuck in and build your own to take home and watch grow!


  • Glass vessel (Either Tinyjohn, Demijohn or Medium Boiling Flask) and cork
  • Fittonia, Ferns and other small Terrarium plants
  • Pebbles, compost, charcoal and moss
  • Special terrarium tools, patter, sponge brush, funnel and tweezers for you use during the class
  • Care guide to take home.