Raffaello Pasta Making Kit

Pasta Evangelists


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Passionate about pappardelle? Nuts about gnocchi? Pasta Evangelists Raffaello pasta making kit is the perfect gift for foodies infatuated with authentic Italian pasta.

Complete with doppio zero Italian flour, fine Italian salt flakes, and tools fashioned from elegant Piemonte beech wood, this luxurious kit includes everything an intermediate pasta chef could ever wish for.

Follow our step-by-step instructions written by our pasta master from Roma, with tips and tricks to make three Italian classics: pappardelle, gnocchi and ravioli.

What's included?
Doppio zero past flour 1kg
pasta wheel cutter
rolling pin
Square ravioli stamp
Round ravioli stamp
Tagliatelle rolling pin
Gnocchi step by step instructions
Ravioli step by step instructions
Tagliatelle step by step instructions