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Cash and Charity Gifts

There's no need to decide between a traditional wedding gift list or a cash fund. With Prezola, you can have both cash and gifts on one easy-to-use wedding gift list! All you need is our Premier Plus account for just £59.


Charity gifts

It is getting more and more popular to commemorate your special day by adding donations to a favourite charity to your gift list. We list over 100 of the UK's leading charities and you can add these to your list just like physical gifts with all our account options.

Your money is held in a secure account until your requested date when it is transferred to you. You'll be able to make the donation yourselves and (if you're a UK taxpayer) the charity will benefit from Gift Aid, making your donations go even further! This way 100% of your guest's donation goes to the charity, with no hidden fees! 

See our list of charities or create your own charity fund in the Create-A-Gift section of My Account to donate to a charity close to your heart.

Cash gifts

Our cash contribution service, available with our Premier Plus account, allows guests to contribute towards larger items such as the deposit on your first home, a new sofa, home improvements or anything else you're saving up for!

We have created hundreds of exciting cash gifts that your guests can contribute towards, such as ‘sofa fund’, ‘new car fund’ or ‘house deposit’. If you can't find exactly what you're after, you can create your own completely customised gift by uploading your own image and description in the Create-A-Gift section of My Account.

Upgrade to a Premier Plus account to add cash gifts to your list and we'll transfer all of the money to you once you have finalised your list. The money is held in a secure account until your requested date when we will transfer it to you all in one go, to spend as you wish.

There are no transaction fees for you or your guests, so 100% of the funds come to you. However, cash gifts are only available with our Premier Plus account, where the £59 fee covers these costs upfront, no matter how big your fund.

There are no credit or debit card fees and no commission for you or your guests. We always recommend adding physical gifts as well as cash gifts to give guests plenty of choice (and cater for anyone of a more traditional nature!). This gives you complete flexibility.

Add cash gifts to your list


Gift vouchers

If you're not quite sure what gifts you'd like, or want to choose gifts once you know how much money there is to spend, you can add Prezola Gift Vouchers to your list quickly and easily. We have lots of designs to choose in a variety of denominations from £10 to £100.

Prezola Gift Vouchers (£10, £20 and £100) will be automatically added to your list as an option for your guests when you register your account. You can remove this option in My Account or from your Gift List. We strongly recommend that you keep them as an option as feedback from our guests suggests they like the flexibility to give you a voucher if they don’t find something on your list they want to give you. They’re happy buying the voucher and you’re happy spending it on what you really want!

Prezola Gift Vouchers can be redeemed for any products on Prezola, whether they are on your list or not! Prezola Gift vouchers can only be used against full priced items and cannot be used with the Happy Couple 10% discount. Prezola Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or used towards your honeymoon fund or for charity donations. You must spend your Prezola Gift Vouchers before your gift list can be finalised.

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