Terms & Conditions
Affiliate Terms

Affiliate Agreement

These Terms, and any Contract between us, are only in the English language. 

This Agreement is made by and between

1. Prezola Limited, Company No 7630238, whose registered office is at The Prezola Townhouse, 7a Northumberland Buildings, Bath, BA1 2JB, hereinafter referred to as Prezola, and

2. An affiliate, hereinafter referred to as the Affiliate.


A. Prezola operates a Wedding Gift List service and seeks to acquire New Customers.

B. The Affiliate operates a [business summary].

1.  Promotion of Prezola by the Affiliate

1.1 The Affiliate will actively promote, recommend and endorse Prezola through an agreed promotional plan, including the sending of marketing materials provided by Prezola.

1.2 Marketing Materials will contain a unique Affiliate Promotion Code to be used in all promotion by the Affiliate.

1.3 A New Customer is one who has not previously registered a wedding gift list with Prezola..

2.  Affiliate Commission

2.1 Prezola will pay the Affiliate a fixed Commission in respect of every Qualifying List.

2.2 Qualifying Lists are those created as a direct result of a New Customer registering with Prezola using the unique Affiliate Promotion Code.

2.3 The fixed Commission will be paid at the agreed rate per Qualifying List.

2.4 Qualifying Lists must contain at least one product or experience gifts.

2.5 Commission will be approved upon the first purchase being made from the Qualifying List and paid out once gifts bought total £200 or more

3. Term & Termination

3.1 The initial term of this agreement is twelve months from the agreement date.

3.2 Thereafter the term shall continue indefinitely until termination by either party.

3.3 Either party shall be able to terminate this agreement with no less than 60 days’ notice to the other party.

3.4 Termination shall be in writing by either party.