Group gifting (for guests).

We understand that not everyone has a large budget when it comes to wedding gifts. Couples can add group gifting to any product over £80 to break down the cost of the gift. Multiple guests are then able contribute an amount of their choice to larger items to reach its total. You're happy staying within budget and couples get what they really want.

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How group gifting works

Swyft Green Sofa

1. Find group gift

Couples can enable group gifting for items over £80. Look out for the green group gift sticker.

Sonos speaker

2. Choose an amount

You can contribute any amount of your choice to help buy the item. We'll keep a running total.

Eve mattress

3. Total is reached

Once the gift reaches its total, it will be marked as purchased on the couple's list.

Graham & green

4. Couple top up

If the total isn't reached, the couple can pay the remainder or spend the amount on other gifts.