Welcome to Prezola Perks

Are you ready to unlock some seriously awesome benefits? Discover how to start collecting badges and climb through the tiers.

So, what perks can you earn?

Calling all VIP's

Say bye to cash fees

Reserved for after you publish your list, we have one extra special reward and you don’t have to do anything to earn it. As soon as £300 worth of branded product has been pledged on your list we'll cover the 2% handling fee on your cash transfer. Hello extra funds.

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How it works

Everyone loves a freebie right? Well, we have plenty and unlocking them couldn’t be easier.

  1. Create an epic gift list

    From adding your first gift to using your checklist, you’ll start earning badges as you build your dream list.

  2. Level up

    The more badges you earn the higher you’ll climb through the tiers and the more exclusive perks you’ll unlock.

  3. Treat yourself

    Time to sit back and enjoy all the fabulous perks you've earned. Yes, it really is that simple!

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The tiers

Starting as an Enthusiast, you’ll unlock your first perk just for showing up. We know, generous right?! As you collect badges you’ll climb through the tiers and earn more perks as you go.

The perks Enthusiast
Start here
5 badges
10 badges
20% off your wedding stationery
Monthly champagne draws
Big quarterly giveaway (worth over £250)
Free Saturday delivery
10% lifetime discount
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