Manage your list

Create your list

Once you’ve registered your account with us, you can start creating your gift list. Get busy creating your list - at home or on the move. We have two account types to suit every couples. With our Premier Account you can choose from over 50,000 gifts and charity funds. To add honeymoon funds and cash gifts, select our Premier Plus Account.

Edit your list

You can edit your gift list at any time using our simple editing tools. Change the order of your gifts to share your list just how you want, add comments on why you've chosen each gift, delete products you no longer want and change your message to guests - plus lots more. It’s quick and simple!

Prezola Gift Vouchers will automatically be added to your gift list for your guests to purchase unless you opt out. Our research shows that guests prefer to buy vouchers than a gift they're not keen on (even if you are!). They're happy buying vouchers and you're happy spending it on what you really want! However, vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash!

Your own Personal Shopper

If you know what you want but you’re unsure of how many gifts to add, or how much your guests will spend, your Personal Shopper is on hand to give advice on your gift list creation and product choices as interiors and gift list specialists. Their goal is to match your personal style, and along with the 50,000 items on site, Personal Shoppers have access to many more from all of our brands.

Share your list

You will be able to choose when your list is available to your guests by using the Visibility Toggle in My Account. Your guests wont be able to view your gift list while it's hidden, meaning you can make all the changes you want until you're ready.
Your list will have it's own unique 8-digit gift list number which you will be able to share with your guests or even on your website if you have one. Relax while your guests get shopping online or by phone.
Guests can purchase you gifts right up until you choose to hide your gift list. Once your list is hidden it will be time to confirm your list ready for delivery.

Unlimited exchanges

Gift purchases show as they occur and you will receive an automatic email to confirm each purchase.

When a guest buys a gift, you’re given the option to exchange it, lock it in or decide what to do later. Any exchanges are added as credit to the balance on your account.

We allow you to make unlimited changes to your gift list before we deliver it. This means that you can exchange gifts if you’ve changed your mind, add gifts to complete sets or purchase extra gifts with Prezola Gift Vouchers or cash and have them all delivered in one go! Please note that locked in gifts are ordered straight away to avoid disappointment and cannot be exchanged at a later date.

Close your list

You need to choose a date to close your list after which no further purchases can be made by guests. We recommend allowing up to 14 days after your wedding to accommodate any late guests but this is up to you!

If you don’t choose a close date six months after your wedding we will close your list on your behalf (cut off close date). Don’t worry, we will contact you in advance to remind you that you have not closed your list!

Confirm your list

Once your list is closed you need to confirm your list. You can see a summary of any credit available to you in My Account and you will receive an email providing instructions for confirming your list.

You can exchange your gifts for other gifts, spend any cash donations or Prezola Gift Vouchers. You can also use your own money to make up the balance or to purchase additional gifts. It’s not possible to confirm your list until all credit has been spent. If there’s any leftover credit, we give the option to donate it to one of our two chosen charities if you wish.

We recommend confirming your list within 14 days of the close date but this is entirely up to you! If you do not confirm your list within six months of the close date, your account will no longer be available to you. We will contact you in advance to remind you that you have not confirmed your list.

Once your list is confirmed, your choices will become confirmed orders and we’ll get busy sourcing your gifts.

Cash gifts

Honeymoon funds, cash gifts and charity donations will be transferred to your chosen bank account when confirming your list. You can also exchange cash gifts for Prezola credit to spend on products.

Product availability

Sometimes, it is possible that some gifts are discontinued by the manufacturer before you confirm your list. In this case, we will automatically exchange these gifts for credit which we will add to your credit balance.

If you have already confirmed your list and a gift is out of stock a member of our Customer Service team will be in touch to let you know and to arrange an alternative.

Longer lead time gifts

If you select a gift which has a longer lead in time it can take time to source and receive these gifts from the retailer. Where possible we will identify these gifts on site and communicate the longer delivery timescales. If you select these items for your list you agree that you will not be able to select a delivery date for the remainder of your gifts until this gift has been received.

If we’re unable to obtain an item on your gift list, we’ll credit you with the equivalent value which you can use for other gifts on our site. If this happens, we will provide you with a summary of the gifts which are not available and which you have been credited for, but we won’t notify your guests. Credit on your Account cannot be withdrawn as cash.


Once all your gifts are ready for delivery you will be asked to book a convenient delivery date. Once your delivery date has been confirmed we’ll deliver your gifts.

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