Manage your list

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A 6-step guide to your gift list

Creating and managing your wedding gift list couldn't be easier. Find out how below or visit our FAQs.

1. Create your list

Add gifts, cash funds and social gifts. Personalise your list with a photo, reorder your gifts and add comments.

2. Share with guests

Share your gift list number with guests or create a free wedding website with

3. Lock in your gifts

When a guest buys you a gift, lock it in so we can order it from our suppliers or exchange it for credit to spend later.

4. Close your list

After the wedding, you need to close your list. We recommend waiting 14 days to make sure guests have finished purchasing.

5. Confirm your list

Spend your credit and lock in the rest of your gifts. We'll then order them to our delivery centre, which normally takes a few weeks.

6. Arrange delivery

We'll be in touch to arrange your delivery. Any cash funds will be transferred on your chosen cash transfer date.

Getting started

1. Create your list

Once you've registered with Prezola, you can start creating your gift list.

Use our simple editing tools to personalise your list. Rearrange the order of your gifts, add comments to explain why you chose a gift and delete gifts you no longer want. Prezola Gift Vouchers will automatically be added to your gift list unless you opt out.

Our ‘favourites’ heart lets you create a shortlist while you browse, meaning you can save items you like before adding them to your list. If you know what you want but you’re unsure how many gifts to add, or how much your guests will spend, your Personal Shopper is on hand to give advice.

If you'd like to add cash contributions or a honeymoon fund our only charge is a highly competitive 2% cash transfer administration fee. There will be nothing for you to pay as we will deduct the charge before transferring your funds to you.

2. Share with guests

Choose when your list is available to your guests by using the visibility toggle in your account control panel. Your guests won't be able to view your gift list while it's hidden, meaning you can make all the changes you want until you're ready.

Your list has its own unique 8-digit gift list number which you can share with guests. Include your gift list number on your wedding invitations or create a free wedding website with

Guests can purchase gifts online or by phone until you close your gift list.

3. Lock in your gifts

When a guest buys you a gift, you will get an email notification. From the email, click 'See my gift'. You'll then have the option to lock in the gift or exchange it for gift vouchers.

Padlock Lock In Icon

Lock it in

If you definitely want the gift, lock it in and we'll order it from our supplier.* This means you won't be able to exchange it later, but it's the best way to avoid disappointment if the product is discontinued at a later date.

Exchange Arrow Icon

Exchange it

If you have changed your mind, you can exchange the gift for credit. The guest won't be notified and you can buy something you really want. Credit will automatically be added to your account and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Sandtimer Decide Later Icon

Decide later

Not sure yet? Have a think about it and decide later. You can make unlimited exchanges until you lock in a gift. If for some reason the gift is discontinued before you lock it in, we'll automatically exchange it for credit.

*On the odd occasion, gifts may not be available from the supplier when we go to order them. If this is the case we will inform you as soon as possible.

After your wedding

4. Close your list

You will need to choose a date to close your list after which no further purchases can be made by guests. We recommend allowing up to 14 days after your wedding to accommodate any late guests but this is up to you!

Once you're ready to close your list, click 'Get ready for delivery' in your account control panel. If you can't see the button yet, it's because it's only visible after your wedding date has passed.

If you haven't closed your list 3 months after your wedding, we will close the list on your behalf. Don't worry, we will contact you in advance to remind you that you have not closed your list.

5. Confirm your list

Once you have closed your list, it's time to confirm your gifts. We'll then start preparing your delivery.

Gift List Icon

Review your list

Decide exactly what gifts you would like in your final Prezola delivery. Not sure about that dinnerware set anymore? No problem. You can exchange any gift that hasn't been locked in and your guests won't be notified.

Credit Card Icon

Spend your credit

Use credit gained from Prezola Gift Vouchers or exchanges to buy gifts still on your list, complete group gifts or add extra items. You can also use your own money to make up the balance or to purchase additional gifts.

Gift Icon

Confirm your gifts

Once your list is confirmed, we’ll get busy ordering your gifts. In the event that a retailer is unable to supply one of your gifts, a member of our Customer Services team will be in touch to arrange an alternative.

6. Arrange your delivery

It takes around 6 weeks for all your gifts to arrive at our warehouse. If you select a gift that has a longer lead time it can sometimes take little while to source and receive these gifts from the retailer. Where possible we will identify these gifts and communicate the longer delivery timescales.

Once all your gifts are ready for delivery you will be asked to book a convenient delivery date. We offer free Monday to Friday delivery to the UK, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Saturday delivery, split deliveries and deliveries to mainland Europe are available at an extra cost. Find out more about our delivery options.

Any cash funds will be transferred 3 days after you confirm your list or on your chosen cash transfer date.

Still got questions? Check out our FAQs or get in touch with our friendly Customer Services team.