Prezola Rewards

Prezola Rewards is a fabulous new scheme where you earn £1 to spend on Prezola for every £10 your guests spend on gifts.* The more your guests spend, the more you earn.

A £100 Dualit toaster? That's £10 of Prezola Rewards to spend on site! That £220 Le Creuset? That's £22 of Prezola Rewards. It soon adds up. A £3,000 gift list could earn your £300 in Prezola Rewards.

Prezola is the only wedding gift list service where you can earn Rewards every time a guest buys you a gift.

*Excludes cash gifts, T&Cs apply

How Prezola Rewards Work

Choose from thousands of options

Every time a guest buys you a product, you earn Prezola Rewards.

Create completely personal honeymoon fund gifts

You'll get a £1 Prezola Reward every time a guest spends £10. It all adds up.

Guests feel they've given you a real present

A £3,000 gift list could earn you £300. Treat yourself to a free newlywed shopping spree.

Add gorgeous gifts to the same list

500 Top Brands. Amazing Product Choice. Personal Service. Incredible Value.

Enjoy a free newlywed shopping spree!

Prezola Rewards is great for snapping up any remaining presents - no more incomplete dinnerware sets or most wanted gifts left behind! You can spend your Prezola Rewards on any of the 50,000 products from 500 top brands listed on site.

Prezola is the only wedding gift list to offer rewards for couples - it's the gift list that keeps on giving! Why go anywhere else?

500 Top Brands

Amazing Product Choice

Personal Service

Incredible Value

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