Returns & Exchanges

Returns & exchanges policy

These Terms & conditions are valid for weddings taking place from 1st April 2017 onwards. If your wedding date is before that date, these Terms & Conditions apply.

Prezola enables couples to add any item from over 300 retailers and brands to their wedding gift list, giving them endless choice and ensuring that gifts purchased by friends and family will be truly treasured. We work with most of the UK's leading homeware brands and can assist in dealing with any post-purchase issues that you may have with any of our suppliers.


Prezola gives couples a wide choice of thousands of potential Gifts. They put together their list some months before the wedding, and occasionally change their minds about what they want. In common with most shop-based gift lists, Prezola allows couples to exchange Gifts for alternatives with an equivalent value. Therefore, it is possible that the Gift you select will be exchanged for another by the couple. Should this happen, they are fully informed of what Gift you originally selected, and will receive your gift message.


Gift list holders

On finalising your list you will have the opportunity to exchange your Gifts for credit of an equivalent value which you can use to purchase other Gifts or substitute your Gifts for other Gifts on Our Site. Our Customer Services team is always on hand if you need any help with this process, or you can visit our Manage Your List page on Our Site.


Once your list has been finalised we will source your Gifts. You will not be able to exchange any Gifts after finalising your list unless they are damaged or faulty.


If a Most Wanted Gift is purchased for you, you will be unable to exchange this Gift from the time of purchase, unless damaged or faulty.



Gift purchasers

You understand that the Contract between us is to provide the gift list holder with a credit of the equivalent value of the amount paid by you for a Gift selected by the gift list holder.


In the event that the gift list holder substitutes your Gift or exchanges it in any way, our responsibilities to you in respect of the Gift you chose will still be discharged as if the Gift you had chosen had been received by the gift list holder.


In the event that a substitution or exchange takes place we are under no obligation to inform you of the same, as we will already have liaised with the gift holder directly, where necessary.


If after placing an order on Our Site, you change your mind about the credit purchase made through Prezola, you can cancel your order up to 14 days after receiving an order confirmation from us, provided that the credit has not already been spent by the gift list holder. The credit will be deemed spent on the gift list holders finalising their gift list.


If you purchase a Most Wanted Gift, you will be unable to exchange or receive a refund unless the Gift is damaged or faulty.


Any Gifts purchased will be delivered to the gift list holder directly and any returns or exchanges will be dealt with directly with them.



Damaged items

Our delivery to you is fully insured, and so in the event of something being damaged in transit from Prezola, please email our Customer Services Team on with your gift list number, a description and photograph showing the damage or fault within seven days and we will arrange to send a replacement as soon as possible. Should we need the item to be returned to us, we will provide you with a prepaid returns label.



Faulty goods

Should any Gift be faulty, please email our Customer Services Team on with your gift list number, a description and photograph showing the fault within seven days and we will arrange to send a replacement as soon as possible. If you cannot communicate the fault in this way, please contact us to discuss and we can then arrange for a replacement. Should we need the Gift to be returned to us, we will provide you with a prepaid returns label.


Electrical goods

It's important that you register any electrical goods with the manufacturer as soon as possible in order to activate your warranty. The warranty card will always be included in the product packaging.


Should an electrical appliance be faulty, within the first 30 days of receipt, we can arrange an exchange if the Gift is in its original packaging and is reported within seven days of delivery. If your electrical goods develop a fault outside of this period you will need to contact the manufacturer for further information. We're happy to help resolve any warranty issues with any of our suppliers or speak with our Customer Service Team if you require any further information including proof of purchase.


Products that can't be exchanged

Unfortunately there are a few products that we won't be able to exchange including: anything that’s made to your specific requirement, i.e. personalised customisation which is has been customised incorrectly on your instruction or failure by you to provide sufficient instructions.



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