Fresh, bold and colourful kitchen tools

Kochblume was born in 2010, in Germany, with only one purpose: to revolutionise your kitchen and to make your life that little bit easier. With you and your cooking in mind, they have combined usefulness with pleasure, providing all of their products in a wide range of colours to make your time in the kitchen even more fun.

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Whisk, Large, Anthracite Kochblume

Whisk, Large, Anthracite


Flexible Spoon, Large, Pink Kochblume

Flexible Spoon, Large, Pink


Gourmet Tongs, Blue Kochblume

Gourmet Tongs, Blue


Gourmet Tongs, Red Kochblume

Gourmet Tongs, Red


Kitchen Spoon, Anthracite Kochblume

Kitchen Spoon, Anthracite


Pasta Spoon, Anthracite Kochblume

Pasta Spoon, Anthracite


Turner, Extra Large, Anthracite Kochblume

Turner, Extra Large, Anthracite


Slotted Turner, Large, Blue Kochblume

Slotted Turner, Large, Blue


Silicone Mitt, Blue Kochblume

Silicone Mitt, Blue


Silicone Mitt, Red Kochblume

Silicone Mitt, Red


Collapsible Sieve, Blue Kochblume

Collapsible Sieve, Blue


Collapsible Sieve, Purple Kochblume

Collapsible Sieve, Purple


Stretch-ii Food Fresh Film, 10.5cm, Turquoise Kochblume

Stretch-ii Food Fresh Film, 10.5cm, Turquoise


Stretch-ii Food Fresh Film, 8cm, Pink Kochblume

Stretch-ii Food Fresh Film, 8cm, Pink


Kitchen Spoon, Blue Kochblume

Kitchen Spoon, Blue


Kitchen Fork, Anthracite Kochblume

Kitchen Fork, Anthracite


Kitchen Fork, Blue Kochblume

Kitchen Fork, Blue


Whisk, Large, Pink Kochblume

Whisk, Large, Pink


All-Purpose Dough Scraper, Orange Kochblume

All-Purpose Dough Scraper, Orange


All-Purpose Dough Scraper, Red Kochblume

All-Purpose Dough Scraper, Red


Ladle, Large, Turquoise Kochblume

Ladle, Large, Turquoise


Ladle, Large, Purple Kochblume

Ladle, Large, Purple


Flexible Spoon, Large, Purple Kochblume

Flexible Spoon, Large, Purple


Pasta Spoon, Blue Kochblume

Pasta Spoon, Blue


Strain Scoop, Pink Kochblume

Strain Scoop, Pink


Strain Scoop, Red Kochblume

Strain Scoop, Red


Turner, Extra Large, Purple Kochblume

Turner, Extra Large, Purple


Spatula, Turquoise Kochblume

Spatula, Turquoise


Spatula, Pink Kochblume

Spatula, Pink


Slotted Turner, Large, Pink Kochblume

Slotted Turner, Large, Pink


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