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Compare Prezola

Compare Prezola

We’re so confident you’ll love Prezola, we’ll show you the comparison against our competitors! Remember, after our initial upgrade fee, no further charges apply and you get 100% of purchased cash gifts transferred to your bank account. We won't put advertising on your list, and there's no commission or hidden PayPal, credit or debit card processing fees.

Website Guest Gives Number of Guests Value of Gifts How we compare
Prezola £50.00 50 £2,461.00 One off £59 Premier Plus service. No further Charges!
Buy Our Honeymoon £50.00 50 £2,420.00 Initial Fee of £55. Direct Debit transaction fees of 1%
Honeyfund £50.00 50 £2,405.00 3.4% and £0.20 per transaction
Zankyou £50.00 50 £2,386.25 2.85% and £0.85 per transaction
Patchwork Present £50.00 50 £2,315.00 Charges 3.4% commission and 2.4% + £0.20 per transaction fee

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