Honeymoon Funds

Create a flexible honeymoon gift list

Fund the honeymoon you've been dreaming about with a flexible honeymoon gift list. Add bespoke honeymoon funds that you can personalise with your own text and images or choose from pre-made honeymoon fund ideas like snorkelling adventures, breakfast in bed or cocktails on the beach.

Easy for you & your guests

Guests can safely contribute to your honeymoon and you can easily keep track of your funds. It's a win-win.

"The reason we loved Prezola is the fact you can create a honeymoon fund gift list... It’s a lovely way for your friends and family to be able to contribute to your honeymoon without it feeling transactional."

Francesca & Shaun

100% financial guarantee

Your honeymoon fund is safe in a ring-fenced trust account. To withdraw your funds, simply book an online transfer.

"We were able to make a completely personalised Honeymoon fund by itemising all the aspects of our Honeymoon and particularly enjoyed finding pictures for them all."

Carl & Mark

How to set up your honeymoon fund website

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1. Register

Sign up for a Prezola list and make it yours. Add a profile picture and write a welcome message to your guests.

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2. Create funds

Choose from hundreds of example honeymoon funds like 'flight upgrade' or create your own bespoke funds.

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3. Add gifts

Mix your honeymoon funds with travel-inspired gifts, travel vouchers, subscriptions, charity donations and more.

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4. Share

Share your gift list with guests using a free wedding website or add your wishlist number to your wedding invitations.


How is my Prezola honeymoon fund protected?

Your fund is 100% secure. Guests' contributions are held in a protected, ring-fenced bank account until you request a cash transfer.

How do I withdraw my funds?

You can book a cash transfer date in your control panel. Our only charge is a highly competitive 2% cash transfer administration fee that will be applied to any cash contributions. We will deduct the charge before transferring your funds to you.

Why choose Prezola?

Our honeymoon fund is designed to be different from the rest, and a little more discreet. There are no ties to any tour operators and the cash is yours to do with as you wish.

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