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Welcome to Prezola

What is Prezola?

Welcome to Prezola… we are so pleased you’re here. Prezola is the UK’s leading online wedding gift list. We bring couples just like you the greatest choice and flexibility. Sounds great, right?!  

Choose from top brands, cash funds, charity donations, high street vouchers, experience days and honeymoon funds. Can't find what you want on our site? No worries, you can even add custom funds for quite literally anything. If you can dream it, you can add it. Oh, and did we mention it’s free to register? And we’ll even throw in two free UK deliveries too. 

How does Prezola work?

Let’s start at the very beginning. Create an account for free, start browsing products and add gifts to your list. You can also add an unlimited number of cash contributions, honeymoon funds, charity donations or bespoke gifts.  

We offer our service free of charge to our couples, there is a 2% handling fee for guests pledging money to any wedding gift cash fund or honeymoon contributions.  

You can open your list as soon as you like, and guests can buy a gift as soon as you publish and share it. You can also keep your list open for as long as you like after the wedding. 

Guests can choose any combination of gifts and cash contributions quickly and easily with our secure online checkout. Plus, guests can opt to include a printed gift card. If for any reason you change your mind on a gift that's been bought for you, no worries. You can use the credit to choose something else within our branded partners.  

After your wedding, if you choose funds, you’ll have the benefit of two free cash transfers and if you’re receiving products, you’ll get two free UK deliveries (including Saturdays). 

How do I create an account?

If you’re ready to sign up, then simply click here to register (great choice, by the way 😉)  

Sign-up is super quick and you'll immediately receive a welcome email with all your account information. Start building your dream gift list straight away, or just sit back and relax knowing you’re that bit closer to your #PrezolaDay. 

Why should we have a gift list?

Great question. Luckily, we’ve got the answers. 99% of your guests want to buy you a wedding gift. Make it easy for them to choose something that they know you’ll love and actually need. No more duplicates, no more re-gifting. Plus, if you’re after a fund we take the cringe out of asking for cash. 

Not to mention, we’ll help you keep on track with who bought you what, making “thank yous” a breeze.  

What does it cost?

You’ll be pleased to know our service is completely free for couples! We’re talking – unlimited gifts, two free UK deliveries (including Saturday) and no restrictions to when you open your list. The only fee is a 2% admin charge for cash or honeymoon funds to cover the transactional charges for gifting money. This is only charged to guests who contribute cash to your list.


Gift list etiquette

When should I create my list?

Great question. We recommend you publish your gift list 10-12 weeks before your wedding along with your invites. So, to allow you enough time to edit your list creating your list around 6 months before your wedding is ideal. However, if you’re short on time don’t fear! You can create your list and share it any time in the run-up to your wedding.

How many gifts should I add to my list?

Ah, the golden question! Check out our blog where we chat about finding your magic number. 

Is it rude to ask for cash?

Absolutely not. Your guests want to buy you something that you want and need. So, if that’s a cash fund then we give you the flexibility to ask for one.

When should I share my list?

We recommend you publish your gift list 10-12 weeks before your wedding along with your invites. This gives your guests plenty of time to browse and choose the perfect gift for you.

Editing my gift list

How do I edit gifts on my list?

We’ve added some nifty tools so that you can easily edit your list. You can rearrange the order with the arrow icon, this will allow you to drag and drop your gifts into any order you choose. 

You'll also find icons on each gift, if you hover over these, they will allow you to enable group gifting, or select the heart to highlight your favourite gifts. 

How do I personalise my list?

We want your list to be unique to you, so your gift list is completely editable! You can change the images, message, and wedding date. Simply select the edit button on your dashboard header. This will open a new window, so that you can then edit each feature.

Can I add a personal message to a gift?

Guests love to read anything personal, so we recommend adding messages, even if only to your favourite gifts. To do this, simply click into the gift by selecting the image. You will then be able to add your personalised message. 

What is a group gift?

To make luxury and big-ticket items more affordable, we offer a group gifting service. It means multiple guests can contribute an amount of their choosing towards an item on your gift list. For example, a £500 armchair can be purchased by 10 different guests contributing any amount. 

To enable this on a gift just select the group gifting icon, you can make any gift (even vouchers) eligible for group gifting. 

If a group gift hasn’t been fully pledged, don’t worry, you have a couple of options. You can either top up the difference to yourselves or spend the credit on another gift instead.  

How do I remove a gift from my list?

If the gift has not yet been pledged, you can delete the gift from your list by selecting the bin icon. Gifts that have guest pledges towards them can’t be removed, but don’t worry as you can hide these by clicking the eye icon.  

Branded gifts

How do I start adding gifts?

This is the best part 🤩 We work with over 450 branded partners, along with cash gifts, vouchers & subscriptions, and charity funds so there’s loads to choose from! Simply head to the brand or department to browse, once you see a gift you love, click ‘add to list’.  

We’d recommend adding plenty of gifts for your lovely guests to choose from. If anything, go overboard. Then your guests are guaranteed to find something that they’re excited to gift you! 

Can you help us add gifts?

Absolutely! Our amazing in-house experts would love to help you build THE dream list. They have so much brand knowledge and love bringing your gift list vision to life. You can reach out to the team on live chat or by calling 0800 488 0082. 

Can I add a gift that is not on the website?

Yes, you can! The great thing about Prezola is you have the option to add any gift. Head to your dashboard and simply add the web link to your desired item. Our system will pick up the rest, we’ll even check whether we can source this item directly for you. If we can the item will feature on your list as a physical gift. If it’s not available with our branded partners, it will be added to your list as a cash gift for you to source the item directly. 

What happens if a gift is discontinued?

If a branded gift becomes unavailable, we will remove this from our product offering as quickly as possible. We’ll update you via email so that you can spend the credit on another item instead. Our in-house experts are here to share their brand knowledge so we can help you find another gift you love!

Cash gifts

How do honeymoon funds work?

Our honeymoon fund is designed to be different from the rest, and a little more discreet. There are no ties to any tour operators and the cash is yours to do with as you wish.

We've created hundreds of exciting funds that your guests can contribute towards, from a romantic dinners through to flight upgrades, champagne in your room or breakfast in bed! And if you can't find exactly what you're after you can create your own personalised fund.

The best bit; your guests will feel that they've bought you something truly personal and memorable instead of just giving you cash.

How do I ask for a cash gift?

It’s easy! Our easy online cash contributions allow guests to contribute towards anything, such as the deposit on your first home, a new sofa or home improvements. 

You can personalise these as much as you’d like or keep them super simple. We’ve seen puppy funds, renovation projects and even a new garden fund, so if you can dream it, you can add it!  

The great thing is that your guests can contribute any amount to your chosen fund, and you can withdraw this whenever you like, it’s as easy as that! 

How is my cash protected?

Your guests' contributions are held in a protected, ring-fenced bank account until you request a cash transfer. Any money contributed to your gift list is safe, secure, and flexible.

How do I withdraw my funds?

Ready to withdraw your funds? You'll find everything you need under the get your gifts section of your dashboard.

We offer two free cash withdrawals as part of our service, so you can book a cash transfer once you’re ready. Simply select ‘request funds’, add your account details and you’re all done.  

We’ll email you once your funds are on their way and they will arrive in your account within 1-5 working days. 


What vouchers do you offer?

Where do we begin? We’ve got everything from your high-street favourites to swanky hotels. Not to mention our epic range of subscriptions. We’re talking fresh cut flowers every month, date night dinners and even a cheeky weekend away (hello minimoon! 😉) 

How do I spend my voucher credit?

You can view all balances within your dashboard. You’ll be able to spend any voucher credit on products from our brand offering or redeem these against vouchers too!  

Please note, you can’t spend voucher credit on cash/honeymoon funds or charity donations.  

How long are vouchers valid for?

You will find the validity on the product description. The expiry date will also be included on the voucher when it is emailed to you.

Can I swap gifts for vouchers?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your gift balance on vouchers. You are, however, able to spend honeymoon and custom funds on vouchers.

Managing my gift list

How do I share my list?

Once you are ready to set your list live, just head to your dashboard and publish your list. Share it with your lovely guests so they can browse and make purchases.

How does it work?

We have a handy step-by-step guide on what to do over on your dashboard. You can also read a detailed ‘how to manage your list’ here


How do I know if a gift has been pledged?

Every time a gift is purchased from your list, we’ll let you know via email. Keep an eye on your inbox for these arriving, so you can keep track as you go along. Don’t forget to keep your list topped up! 

You can view a breakdown of your gifts, along with the messages from your guests in the ‘thank you manager’ section in your dashboard.   

How do I claim my gifts?

Once you’ve started to receive guest pledges, these are added to your balance pots. So, now it’s over to you to place your order, redeem your vouchers or withdraw your funds. This can all be done via your dashboard in a few easy steps. When you are ready head to your dashboard to complete these steps.  

We recommend you order gifts once pledges have been made; this helps prevent any disappointment if items are discontinued.  

What can I spend my branded product balance on?

You have full flexibility to spend your product balance on any branded product listed within our brand list. So, there's lots for you to choose from! You are unable to spend your branded product balance on vouchers or withdraw as cash.


When will we receive our gifts?

Once you have received pledges towards gifts you will then need to place your items on order whenever you are ready. Once you've placed your order, we will collate each item specially for you from our branded partners. We estimate a delivery lead time of around 6-8 weeks for your order to complete, although we do find that many gifts arrive sooner than this.

You will be able to track the progress of your order via your dashboard and we'll keep you updated via email too! Once your delivery is complete, you can pick a chosen delivery day we call #Prezoladay - it's pretty epic!

Do you have a delivery charge?

Great news, we offer two free UK deliveries as part of our service, so you can choose a date once your gifts have started to arrive with us. Once you are ready to book in your delivery, simply contact our customer service team on and you will be able to pick a day to suit you both for your gifts to arrive!

If you are having your gifts delivered outside of the UK, shipping charges will apply.  Please contact our customer service team to receive a quote for your shipment cost on 0800 488 0082 or

Can I have my gifts shipped overseas?

Yes, absolutely! We can ship your gifts overseas for you, simply contact our customer service team for a personalised quote. The shipping cost will vary on the country and the amount of gifts being sent. Please note, any import charges/taxes will be payable by you. These will be paid directly to the courier and will not be included in your shipping quote.

How do I book my delivery?

Once your gifts are ready, you can pick a delivery date to suit you. We offer two free deliveries as part of our service, so once your ready to book a delivery AKA your #PrezolaDay, simply contact our team on 0800 488 0082 or

Any direct delivery items will be automatically ordered and shipped to you directly from the supplier. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of these and their expected arrival date.

How do I track my delivery on the day?

This is the best bit… your delivery day! #PrezolaDay 🤩 Once we’ve dispatched your gifts on your chosen day, you'll receive tracking details directly from the courier. You will be given an hour time slot on the day and be able to track your delivery right up to your door.

Returns & exchanges

What happens if something arrives damaged or faulty?

Our delivery to you is fully insured, so in the unlikely event that something is damaged in transit, please contact our Customer Services team with a photograph of the item within seven days so we can arrange a replacement.  

Should an item supplied by one of our brand partners be faulty, please contact us within seven days of delivery. We will work with the retailer to resolve the issue for you.  

Please note, any items being returned must be in their original packaging and fully protected for transport, we therefore recommend keeping your delivery box. 

What do I do about faulty electrical goods?

We recommend you register any electrical goods with the manufacturer as soon as you receive them to activate your warranty. The warranty card will always be included in the product packaging. 

Should an electrical appliance be faulty on arrival, we will arrange an exchange if the item has not been used, is in its original packaging and is reported within 7 days of delivery. Electrical goods that develop a fault outside of this period are still fully covered, but directly under the manufacturer's warranty and not through Prezola. Please contact us if a proof of purchase is required. 

How do I get a receipt to activate the warranty on an item?

Please contact our customer service team on 0800 488 0082 and we will be able to provide you with proof of purchase for any of your gifts. 

Welcome to Prezola

Welcome to Prezola

Prezola is the UK’s leading online wedding gift list company. We’re here to make life easier for couples and wedding guests alike. We offer the greatest choice, flexibility and ease when it comes to giving and receiving wedding gifts.  

Couples can choose from well-known brands, bespoke gifts, cash funds, charity donations and honeymoon contributions all on one easy gift list. Plus, guests can browse, select and buy gifts for the couple all without having to hit the High Street. We’ll even deliver the couple’s gifts to them after the big day, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

What is Prezola?

Prezola is the UK's leading online wedding gift list company, designed for style-savvy couples who want the greatest choice and flexibility. Couples can choose from well-known brands, bespoke gifts, cash funds, charity donations and honeymoon contributions all on one easy gift list. 

We manage thousands of wedding gift lists and honeymoon funds for happy couples every year! 

How does Prezola work?

Prezola is designed to take the stress out of choosing a wedding gift for the happy couple. They can add what they like, when they like. Plus, it’s all done online making it super easy and convenient for both guests and the couple.   

Guests can choose any combination of gifts and cash contributions quickly and easily with our secure online checkout. We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, Maestro plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.  

 After the wedding, we give our couples two free deliveries, so they can choose when they receive their gifts. Any cash contributions are transferred to the couple's bank account

Buying a gift

How do I find a gift list?

We’re here to make buying a gift for the special couple as easy as possible! To purchase a gift, simply head to ‘find a couple’ in the top right-hand corner of the website. You can then find their list by adding the couple’s unique list ID (they may have included this in their invite or wedding website for you) or you can add the name and wedding date to locate their dream gift list!

Why can't I access the list?

If you see the message 'This list is currently unavailable to view' when searching for a couple's list this means the couple's list is not quite open for guests just yet. Don’t worry though as we have the option for you to be notified as soon as the list is available. Just select the button below that says ‘Notify me when this list is available’. As soon as the couple set their list is live, we will send you an email so you can be one of the first on the list!  

If you're still having trouble accessing a list or would like any help - our amazing team are on hand and would love to help you with your purchase. You can reach them on 0800 488 0082 or on 

What is a honeymoon fund?

Our honeymoon funds allow you to contribute a cash amount towards the couple’s dream honeymoon. Sunset dinner on the beach, bungee jumping, a flight upgrade or even a simple glass of chilled vino- you can make that happen! Your gift will allow the couple to create their ultimate newlywed adventure! 

How will the couple know what I have bought?

Our aim is to create an easy and exciting gifting experience for everyone! Once you’ve chosen the perfect gift for your loved ones, we’ll look after the rest for you. We will let the couple know straight away, so they will know exactly which gift you’ve kindly chosen for them. They can also track all gifts via their dashboard and read your lovely message too!

How does a group gift work?

Group gifting enables a number of guests to group together to gift towards a larger big-ticket item for the couple. Whether that’s a squishy sofa for movie nights or an unforgettable experience together, you choose the amount you would like to contribute towards the gift, so it fits all budgets!

Will the couple know if I contribute to a group gift?

You can choose the amount you would like to contribute towards a group gift. The couple will know how much you’ve gifted towards this. If you want to purchase the whole item, simply add the total amount and this will gift the whole item. 

Can a couple change my gift?

Yes, we offer a fully flexible gift list service that allows the couple to change gifts if they need to. We leave this up to our couples when they confirm their gift list.

Can I include a personal message?

Yes, absolutely! You can include a message with your gift free of charge. Go mushy or keep it simple- your call! The couple will be able to see what they’ve been bought along with the thoughtful messages that have been left within their dashboard. So, they will know exactly which gift and message has come from you. If you'd like to add something extra special, you can have your message printed on a physical card, you'll have the option during checkout, and it will be delivered to the couple after the wedding.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, Maestro plus Google Pay and Apple Pay. We also accept all international payments for guests buying from abroad. All transactions are processed in GBP only. 

What is the 2% handling fee for?

In order to make our service completely free for our couples, we charge a 2% handling fee on cash gifts. This is simply to cover the transactional charges for gifting money to the couple. This way the full amount you’ve gifted is passed on to the newlywed couple to spend as they wish.

Will I get a receipt for my order?

Yes absolutely! Once you’ve chosen your special gift for the couple and completed your order, you will receive an email receipt with a breakdown of the gifts you’ve chosen, along with the message you’ve added.

Can I cancel an order?

You can cancel your order within 14 days after receiving your order confirmation email, provided the couple have not yet claimed the gift. At the point they confirm their gift or withdraw their funds, the order is secured, and you will not be able to cancel your order. 

You will need to contact us via email; as we require cancellations in writing*T&Cs apply. 

Delivery of my gift

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we do! The great news is that we aim to make delivery as easy as possible for the couple. We offer free UK delivery so that the couple can receive their wonderful gifts on a day of their choice. We call this #PrezolaDay and it’s like the best unboxing day ever! This means that we don't deliver any gifts to guests, so once you’ve completed your order, you can relax, enjoy the wedding and leave the rest to us!

Do you deliver overseas?

Yes absolutely! We can deliver to any address to suit the couple. We look after all the packing and shipping of their wonderful gifts, to make it as easy as possible. All delivery details are arranged with the couple directly, so once you’ve completed your order, you can enjoy the wedding and we’ll look after the rest.

How will the couple know who the gift is from?

Once you’ve chosen a gift for the happy couple, we’ll update them straight away via email. They will then be able to see a full break down of the gift you’ve kindly chosen, along with your special message via their dashboard. To make it super easy for the couple, when we deliver the gifts, we included a break down at the same time.

How will I know the couple have received my gift?

Once you’ve completed your order, we’ll update the couple to let them know which gift you’ve chosen. The couple can then confirm their gifts as and when they are ready, and we arrange delivery directly with them after the wedding.