Made From Soft and Durable Alpaca Fibers

So much, that we’ve specialized in alpaca wool and other irresistible and sustainable materials. Whether it’s a warming throw or a soft scarf, an Elvang design is a winning combination of Nordic aesthetics and Peruvian craftsmanship made to last. Clean and elegant with a sophisticated look in luxury quality.

The story of Elvang is one of travelling out into the world, to witness quality and craftsmanship honed through centuries and not being able to let go of those impressions again.

That’s what happened after we returned from a backpacking trip to Peru in 2002. Here, we experienced the vast traditions of Peruvian culture, not to mention the alpaca and its extremely soft wool – considered one of the finest fibres in the world. One year later, Elvang the company was born, and we were the first to introduce throws made from alpaca wool in Scandinavia. Today, Elvang is sold in numerous countries worldwide.

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