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Sabatier was established in 1810 and has over 200 years of experience producting excellent quality products that are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. Sabatier products feature the prestigious Griffin logo synonymous with exceptional performance.

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Maison Ashwood Knife Block, 5 Pieces Sabatier

Maison Ashwood Knife Block, 5 Pieces


Maison Stainless Steel Knife Block, 5 Pieces Sabatier

Maison Stainless Steel Knife Block, 5 Pieces


Paring Knife, 3.5inch, Silver Sabatier

Paring Knife, 3.5inch, Silver


Carving Knife, 8inch, Silver Sabatier

Carving Knife, 8inch, Silver


Utility Knife, 4.5inch, Silver Sabatier

Utility Knife, 4.5inch, Silver


Chef Knife, 8inch, Black Sabatier

Chef Knife, 8inch, Black


Utility Knife, 4.5inch, Black Sabatier

Utility Knife, 4.5inch, Black


Sanoku Knife, 5inch, Black Sabatier

Sanoku Knife, 5inch, Black


Carving Knife, 8inch, Black Sabatier

Carving Knife, 8inch, Black


Chef Knife, 6inch, Silver Sabatier

Chef Knife, 6inch, Silver


Paring Knife, 3.5inch, Black Sabatier

Paring Knife, 3.5inch, Black


Chef Knife, 6inch, Black Sabatier

Chef Knife, 6inch, Black


Non-Stick Paring Knife Sabatier

Non-Stick Paring Knife


Non-Stick Chef's Knife Sabatier

Non-Stick Chef's Knife


Non-Stick Utility Knife Sabatier

Non-Stick Utility Knife


Non-Stick Bread Knife Sabatier

Non-Stick Bread Knife


Non-Stick Carving Knife Sabatier

Non-Stick Carving Knife


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